Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On George W. Bush and War Criminality 1

Saddam Hussein attempted genocide on the Kurds. He invaded not just one but two of his neighboring countries. He repressed and brutalized his people to the tune that has rarely been chronicled in recorded history. And he continuously thumbed, with impunity, his nose at the U.N. I guess what I'm trying to say here, people, is that it's not exactly like we invaded Denmark or something....................................................................................................Now, was it necessarily a wise thing for us to have invaded Iraq and attempted to instill democracy there? I would personally (and, yes, vociferously, too) say, no. We had the son of a bitch well contained and could have battered him around as needed. Couple that with the fact that a) Iraq was multi-ethnic pseudo country with intractable hatred and b) Hussein was basically the only buffer that the Sunni countries and Israel had against Iran and, no, no sir, I really don't think that invading Iraq and STAYING was the most prudent of policies....................................................................................................But to site George W. Bush and Tony Blair as war criminals, a designation that I most commonly associate with the likes of Pol Pot, Pinochet, the Third Reich, the Hamidian regimes of Turkey, Milosevic, and even frigging Hussein himself, seems, well, you know what it seems like.


  1. When you consider the horrific toll of the war on all involved, and the way the war was initiated, it does fit the definition of a very serious war crime. We've become so complacent and accepting of everything we do in the name of "national security" we simply can't separate right from wrong anymore.


  2. JMJ - ill wind blowing from the left yet again

  3. No, Les. Let's really look at the subject.

    Imagine Stan lived two houses from Fran, and Fran set off a pipe-bomb in Stan's basement. So Stan invades the neighbor's house to lure Fran to kill her there.

    How'd you like to live in the middle of that neighborhood? Time will only tell if the Iraq war was "worth it," but the fact that it's taken so long to prove "right" that makes me wonder if it's even in the least bit inarguable at all.


  4. JMJ,

    We kinda agree on this one, save for the 'war criminal' status you would ascribe to GWB.

    I particularly liked your closing comment of:
    "We've become so complacent and accepting of everything we do in the name of "national security" we simply can't separate right from wrong anymore."

    I know you think I prefer a 'police state', but I really do not. I was nervous after Janet Napolitano was ranting on about the whole "Domestic Terrorist" thing she had. I am pro-gun, pro-Life, a Veteran, and I don't hate Ron Paul. I was a shoe-in for her DT criteria. Yikes.

    National Security is a concern, and I believe you are on the side of supporting true National Security. But like you said, I think the lines are getting blurred and on both sides of the aisle there are mental fruitcakes who see an enemy behind every tree.

    Some restraint and common-sense would do well, here. If only Congress had either...

  5. I wasn't for the 2'nd Iraq incursion either. But GWB is not a war criminal.

  6. Jersey, I agree that the war was a crime. But to me it was much more a crime of stupidity (not knowing the difference between a Sunni and a Shia, for example) than it was a crime like Pinochet's "the disappeared", D'Aubuisson's the machine-gunning of nuns, or Pol Pot's the murdering of people by hammers. Perspective - that's the only thing that I'm really asking here.

  7. Will,

    How can you, as an "extremist moderate", demand perspective? :) Jokes, Will, just jokes...

    I like how my question regarding genocide in other nations and our actions on it have caused one of your commenters (the numbers guy) to get his panties in a bunch, and say I was trying to change the subject.


  8. That guy has had multiple handles over the years, ecc102, and is clearly unstable. I have tried to ban him but he keeps coming back. I definitely understand why you took a powder from blogging - what with fellows like this rummaging around. "Bush is a war criminal". "Reagan is a traitor." I mean, really, whatever happened to simply not liking or supporting somebody? Why do these guys always have to go for the jugular?

  9. Will,

    Not for nothing, but if you switched to Wordpress, you could ban any and all IP addresses he uses.

    If you want The Conservative Guild, now that I've swept it clean, I will give it to you. It's Wordpress based.


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