Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gingrich and Romney in Statistical Tie in New Hampshire Polling.

by: Les Carpenter
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Republican Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is in a statistical tie with Mitt Romney in New Hampshire. Polling data shows Romney with 30% and Gingrich with 27% support among likely primary voters. The poll has a 3.57% margin of error.

The full scoop from the New Hampshire Journal.

...The latest NH Journal poll of likely Republican primary voters conducted by Magellan Strategies shows Romney and Gingrich in a statistical dead heat for the January 10th primary. If the election were held today, Romney would earn 29% of the vote and Gingrich would earn 27%. Texas Congressman Ron Paul continues to show resolve by earning 16%. Herman Cain gets 10%. No other candidate is in double digits.

This is the first time any of NH Journal’s polls have shown anyone candidate even close to Romney. It also shows tremendous movement for Gingrich since NH Journal’s October survey, in which Gingrich was in third place, but at only 10% versus Romney’s 41%.

When asked why people felt Gingrich was moving up in the polls, 44% of respondents cited his depth of knowledge on the issues. Ten percent referred to his strong debate performances while another 6% said they liked that he was challenging the media in those debates. Ten percent referenced his past experience as Speaker of the House.

A close look at the data shows Gingrich is actually leading Romney among certain important subgroups of the electorate. Among self-identified conservative voters, Gingrich beats Romney 34%-27%. Among self-identified tea party voters, he leads Romney 38%-21%. {Read More}

Newt Gingrich's recent surge in polling {across the board} just shows how fluid the race is. Newt is experienced, he is knowledgeable, and he is without question the best debater in the field.

Everything else aside {including his dalliances with members of the fairer sex while married} Gingrich does have a record of fiscal restraint. He, and his republican congressional associates were largely the reason President Clinton left office with a balanced budget. Something to consider as the field narrows.

A reader sent me the link to a 2009 Gingrich speech. I was impressed enough that I decided to put it up for my readers who may not have seen it.

The above it not an endorsement of Newt Gingrich. Everyone should continue to support the candidate who most closely represents their views as long as their candidate remains in the hunt for the nomination. But if your candidate drops out Newt is likely a better alternative than Mitt Romney.

Now I'm off to support the most constitutionally knowledgeable, philosophical consistent candidate running in the small r republican race to the that once great part's nomination.

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  1. The problem I have with Newt is he is a out of work politician that will say and do anything to get elected and then do whatever it takes to get re-elected. I am beginning to come around to Paul because he has been steady in his positions and unwavering in his support of the Constitution. Cain just can't cut the mustard and Mittens & Perry are just more career politicians saying and doing whatever it takes to get elected.

    As you saw in the post, we are likely to get four more with the Joker because we have no hero to win the day. We need a hero with a positive message of true reform and true hope like Reagan. He was truly good at capturing the heart of the average joe, which none of the current crop of knuckleheads can do. I don't know if there is a hero out there, but I think it is too late for this election cycle.

  2. Sandy - That's great! Paul is polling in double digits in New Hampshire as well.

    It is my hope that when the bottom tier like Bachmann, Santorum, et fall off {as well as Cain} their supporters will back Paul.

    Perhaps it is unlikely. But If I know anything it's that the republican party is in need of a revolution. Paul is likely the only one with the intellect and constitutional understanding to lead it... and hopefully the nation as well.

  3. The best thing Ron Paul has going for himself is his consistency. His stance against the Iraq War has me in his corner but, the power players in the Republican Party, Faux News, and major conservative think tanks will never ever ever support him for President.

    As for Gingrich he is beyond a hypocritical joke, that anyone lauds him for his intellect or beliefs with what he has pulled is just silly.

  4. The Newtster has had had so many positions on so many issues that one analyst recently said that he isn't a flip-flopper but a gyrator. Good one, no?

  5. Yeah, but the dude did get stuff done when speaker.

  6. He and Clinton, despite the fact that both of them were dicks, were a pretty darn good team, wouldn't you say?


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