Friday, November 4, 2011

Christian Student Murdered by Muslim Teacher and Fellow Students

by: Les Carpenter
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Mallawi Egypt... October 16th, 2011... A seventeen year old Christian student was murdered {beaten to death} in his classroom by his teacher and two Muslim students.

His crime? Refusing to cover up the cross he had tattooed on his wrist. Instead, in an act of free will he chose to expose the crucifix he wore around his neck.

Islam, the religion of peace and understanding again showing its intolerance and complete disregard for the life of those who dare to believe differently.

What is most troubling is the lack of media coverage and outrage against this heinous act of brutality. One must wonder exactly where the main stream western media {read U.S) finds itself. Lets just leave it at that as any sane person knows the obvious answer.

Powerline - According to Ayman’s father, eyewitnesses told him that his son was not beaten up in the school yard as per the official story, but in the classroom. “They beat my son so much in the classroom that he fled to the lavatory on the ground floor, but they followed him and continued their assault. When one of the supervisors took him to his room, Ayman was still breathing. The ambulance transported him from there dead, one hour later.”

Read a full account of this crime at Assyrian International News Agency. Incidents such as this are becoming only too commonplace. Even as the number continues to rise the outrage seems all to non existent. Political correctness appears yet again to trump truth.

The issue is not the correctness of one faith as opposed to another. It is the right of individuals to hold whatever faith they chose and to practice it peacefully without fear of injury or death. Put another way it is about respecting the rights of all to believe as they chose, especially those whose beliefs different from the majority view.

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  1. "Islam, the religion of peace and understanding"
    Your words
    Not true
    G. Bush used those same words about Muslims
    I guess you are as dumb as George Bush, or like quoting him

  2. Anon, I'm going to let this one through. Because you are as dumb as the rock from which you crawled out from under.

    Now go read some Jack and Jill why don't you?

  3. Linked. The American public and the world need to see this. Islam is not our friend, and they will come after atheists as well as Christians. They do not discriminate. An infidel is an infidel.

  4. ecc102 - Thanks for the linky love, much appreciated.

    The issue is that of free will AND free thought. Something most religious doctrines are not all tat warm too.

  5. Where this incident is indeed upsetting and deplorable beyond words, it does not shock me in the least. The one thing I must mention is that hate crimes, intolerance, ect. are not limited to Muslims as the sole perpetrators. I won’t go into a lengthy explanation here but there are many of varied religions, ethnicity and cultures that have lost their lives on American soil because they did not fit into the mold for which we deemed comfortable and acceptable, this happens all over the world involving many different religions. When you are dealing with anything where that healthy middle has been breached and has bleed over to the extreme, we are unfortunately going to read stories such as this. Until people remove their heads out of their asses and start learning what it means to practice acceptance this issue will continue. I agree 100%, everyone, regardless of their beliefs, deserves the right to choose how they wish to practice their faith or lack thereof.

  6. Oh and one more thing: Anon, if you have nothing constructive to offer in response to an article meant to encourage constructive discussion, go somewhere else. If you think that your comment inspires anything other than a glimpse into the shallowness of your my friend are surely dumber than George Bush. Just saying.

  7. The Christian religion SHOULD BE a religion of peace, IF you follow Christ's teachings. The muslim religion IS a religion of murder, IF you follow Muhammad's teachings. There lies one huge difference.

  8. The point is no matter what religion, you are going to get those that take it to the extreme. If I have learned anything it is that people interpret their religion differently from the next guy, even if they both claim to be part of the same religion, moral and belief structure often to suit and justify their actions and personal lifestyle choices. Nowadays people like to spin it how they choose. I have known people of many different faiths and if you take a look at history most have some kind of sorted or murderous the name of said religion. I am not going to damn or advocate any religion here as many have been guilty of intolerance, imposition and violence. I will admit that I have many issues with the Muslim faith, especially being female. I do not understand how anyone would choose to submit to the teachings of such a repressive and submissive religion however I am not going to stoop so low as to tell anyone what is the right way. When judgment day arrives, if there is indeed such a day, that is for each individual to deal with. The issue here is the right to practice our own religion without fear of repercussions or consequences. No one has the right to impose their beliefs and opinions on others, period. What happened to this poor man sickens me to no end and because of this, it just strengthens my resolve to NEVER spout off hate towards other religions because then, I am just part of the problem. You say that the Muslim faith is a religion of murder, there are many peaceful Muslims that have never a day in their life harmed another. You say the Christian religion should be a religion of peace, all religions should be about peace but the fact of the matter is, there is always room for those who choose to find it, to use the teachings of the Christian God to commit acts of violence in his name.

  9. Firstly to that coward above who calls themselves Anonymous, George Bush MAY have used some words to expose Muslims,BUT he didn't use his fist to beat one to death.
    These COWARDS and BULLIES ganged up on a young seventeen year old, three to one. SICK!!
    How scared are they of the Cross of Christ!!
    Very I'd say, to act in such fear as this. Their faith is clearly one of evil strife, not of love, peace and forgiveness like Jesus taught us.
    Our Bible (which is older than the Quran) teaches this..
    "Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you." Luke 6:26.
    Jesus died for our sins,more than five hundred plus years before Muhammad was born.
    Praise God we have a Saviour Jesus Christ. This young man is now in Heaven with Him.

  10. Greetings,

    Good point and discussion. I came over from a link on Georges Grouse. I will bookmark your site and try to get back.

    Grace and peace.

  11. Crystal, where I respect your right to voice your opinions and obvious passion for your religion, what we need to be doing is placing the blame on the individuals who committed this crime not damning all that belong to the Muslim religion. I do like your statement “Their faith is clearly one of evil strife, not of love, peace and forgiveness like Jesus taught us.” You are totally correct; THEIR religion is one of evil. Although they call themselves Muslims this does not speak for ALL of the Muslim faith who do not practice their religion in this same way. These sick individuals belong to a faith that is one of extremism; this cannot be said across the board for all that belong to this faith. I could also start listing incidences where those that claim to be “Christian” have implemented violence in order to prove their point or out of fear of those that are different and go against what they feel is the “true” faith. This is not an issue of tit for tat, score keeping or pitting one religion against another. The issue I see here is the issue of freedom of religion; no one has the right to impose their beliefs on others.

  12. If I may... Excellent comment thread with many points worth considering and deeply reflecting on.

    Linz Art makes many valid and balanced statements. The issue is not the correctness of any particular faith {although Islam as practiced by the extremists is very evil} but rather the right of all to choose and PEACEFULLY practice ones religion absent any external acts of coercion or violence.

    And this includes the lack of religion IE: atheism.


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