Friday, November 18, 2011

As Fiscal Responsibilty and Fidelity Goes... So Goes the Nation

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

In these Keynesian times, where spending and more spending seems to be the governments answer {and addiction} to everything, the following caught my attention. Yes it is a call for fiscal sanity and fidelity. And yes it is most assuredly a demand for accountability in government. It begs the question why are we as a nation still doing nothing to stop the hemorrhaging?

(Bankrupting America) We all have heard the classic Washington scandal of a Congressman being unfaithful. The indiscretion usually causes a public outcry leading to a public apology and resignation. But what happens when a member of Congress is unfaithful to the economy?

For decades Washington has spent far beyond its means. This overspending has saddled the country with a national debt of over $15 trillion – a point at which it is now hamstringing economic growth. And even now, as the economy begs for attention, lawmakers are unable to make things right.

As millions of Americans sit out of work and a recovery falters, isn’t it time Washington shows a little fiscal fidelity?

Certainly we must do something. We must do it soon. The solution must be balanced and nothing can be untouchable. So, great Supercommitee and Mr. President, put politics aside and do your jobs. Break the logjam. This nation needs action.


  1. .

    The simplest solutions are the best.

    - Tax the wealthy/rich.
    - End government corporate welfare.
    - End the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan and bring the troops home.
    - Increase spending on infrastructure, Social Security, and Medicare.

    Ema Nymton

  2. No folks the answers are not thar simple.

    While You and I could talk over where to cut, how much to cut, the MIC budget etc. and whether or not it makes sense to raise revenues (taxes) and by how much, the reality is that until such time as spending is brought under control this tradmill will simply groe larger and faster.

    Crony capitalism, corporatism, and the nition of too big to fail and taxpayer funded bailout must go.

  3. In my opinion, if the Congress passed something along the lines of the Rivlin-Domenici, Simpson-Bowles, and/or "Gang of Six" plans, the markets would probably respond favorably. Of course, the problem here is that nobody wants to sacrifice anything. They only want the other guy to feel the pain.

  4. The largest part of the worst part of all the spending over the last ten years has been on wars and bail-outs, and both could have been avoided with quality government.

    We didn't have quality government, and most of the past ten years the government was GOP.

    The Democrats weren't much better, but at least a little.

    We have a stark and serious problem in this country, and we have to encapsulate it in a way that both the Left, Right and Middle of everyday Americans can understand:

    Unions, corporations, clubs and cliques are not United States Citizens. They are made up of Citizens, but they are not in and of themselves Citizens.

    Only Citizens vote, and are fully subject to our Constitution.

    People who run for office should only be able raise money from Citizens of the United States and NO ONE and NOTHING else.

    That money should be limited to an amount that all adult, individual Citizens can and will realistically afford.

    And that's that (or something like that).

    Wouldn't it be great if we had a Constitutional Amendment like that?


  5. jmj - Some reasonable thought going on there. Not sure I Bellevue we need a Constitutional amendment as to how much an individual citizen should be able to contribute.

    It likely would accomplish the goal of taking big money out of politics if laws were enacted that prohibited corporations, unions, think tanks, associations, IE: special interest groups of any kind etc, from making political contributions.

    We'll talk more later.

  6. Les, I think we're on to something here.


  7. I agree with you both, actually.

    As long as there are no restrictions on free speech. As long as anyone can criticize those in power, whether or not the people are doing so are associated with organizations.

    This particular freedom is under attack from those who oppose the "Citizens United" Supreme Court decision.


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