Thursday, October 27, 2011

James Carville May Have It Right For Once

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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James Carville, you know the man, Mary Matalin's democratic husband. We all know Mary is by far the brighter of the two and probably keeps him around for entertainment value.

Today, for the first time in my blogging journey I ran across something he offered up that actually made some sense. So, I decided to pass his quote on with some additional commentary from POLITICO, as well as yours truly

"Everything worries me in this environment. Nobody’s gotten elected with these kinds of numbers. So, I’m worried in the general election. I profoundly admit that. Again, Romney’s just making a technocratic kind of confidence argument, and he’s really kind of a windsock of a guy. If you don’t like his position on something, give it a day he’ll change it."

James is right, nobody gets elected with the kind of numbers Obama is sporting these days. Indications are the economic situation is not going to improve much before November 2012. Naturally this has democrats seriously worried.

POLITICO goes on to highlight Carville's remarks further.

To some extent, underscoring concern helps gin up the Democratic base and crystallizes the fact that there will be a nominee fairly soon, after months of a slow-moving race.

Carville, in addition to panning Mitt Romney, broadly trashed Rick Perry, and said that Herman Cain "is not going to be the president of anything. Herman Cain goes out and he got a 999, and it’s 909, and he’s like changing area codes. The guy can’t even figure out what his position on abortion yet, which is kind of a basic issue. He gleefully professes ignorance on foreign policy. Again, I’m not, but if I were a person, if I had a conservative world view and I was looking for our next election to have somebody to articulate that view, I would be unbelievably disappointed. Herman Cain is a salesman. I mean, he’s not trying in one sense. He’s just trying to get some attention. He’s not going to get the nomination."

Carville is probably correct in his assessment Herman Cain, the executive of Godfather Pizza is unlikely to get the republican nomination.

Anyone who analyzes Perry's record can only come to the conclusion the big hair ex democrat is as much a part of the problem in conservative politics as Obama is in democratic politics. Perry certainly wouldn't bring the change America needs.

Romney is still a force, although it is difficult to understand why. Given his flip flops and close ties to corporate America one would think everybody would recognize he is merely old establishment with a younger look.

Which leads to the question... Who is the real conservative (with libertarian principles) that is offering real change as well as possessing an in depth understanding of constitutional government? The answer of course is Congressman Ron Paul.

If we are interested in a real and deep shift in direction. If we truly are desirous of addressing and ending crony capitalism, corporatism, taxpayer funded bailouts, reducing our deficit and national debt, as well as curbing and ultimately cutting the growth of the MIC then Ron Paul must be our man.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Ron Paul may the real libertarian, but he's not the real conservative. He is no fan of the Daddy State or the Military Empire or the cozy relationship between Wall Street and the government.


  2. jmj - Common knowledge I believe. He is still a constitutional conservative and no fan of the welfare state.

  3. Mary Matalin is a female version of William F. Buckley. He created an aura of grand intelligence by coining a couple good one liners and acting bored all the time. Matalin does have the bored schtick down.

    In the end, Romney will be the guy. I look forward to watching him flip depending what group he's speaking to. Hmm. That does sound familiar. Reminds me of someone.

  4. Jersey: There is no empire, and no candidate is a fan of it.

  5. Amen. Will "conservative" have the guts to pull the trigger for Paul? Unfortunately many are too brainwashed by Statist-Lite to see his brilliance.


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