Saturday, September 17, 2011

Will Rick Perry's TARP Lies Fall on Deaf Ears?

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Rick Perry's caught himself in another Texas-size-pile-o'-the-steamin'-stinky again.

And no, this time it's not an executive HPV order causing alarm, rather it's his support of the so-called Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) of 2008.

The same TARP that played a big part in forming today's Tea Party Movement.

Today Perry was questioned by a certain Rebekah Maxwell (of about his TARP backing.

"No, Ma'am,'' is all the pistol-packing Texas governor had to say (audio here).

Unfortunately the facts prove otherwise.

Perry -- along with then West Virginia governor Joe Manchin -- authored a 2008 pro-TARP letter after the bill's first-run historic defeat. Read it for yourself, it's pretty clear that Perry supported TARP.

These two videos tell the story as well:

Why does all of this matter, you say? Why should we care? After all, politicians are politicians. Even the best have to lie and do what is expedient, now and then, right? Rick Perry looks presidential! He says the right things...

Open your eyes. It's a matter of character and trustworthiness in limited government issues and Rick Perry (and Mittens Romney for that matter) are both sorely lacking.

Limited government and limited governance, executive and otherwise are the most pressing issues of our age and generation.

If we nominate -- and elect -- someone lacking the integrity and intestinal fortitude to carry the limited government torch -- through good times and perilous as they were in 2008 and likely will be again -- then we have won a Pyrrhic victory that will haunt us forever.

Because we will have "won" but truly lost that which matters -- principles, ideas and the future of this nation.

On this note, Joseph Ashby writing at American Thinker:

No matter how competent and well-meaning an elected official may be, an incompetent and malevolent leader will eventually and inevitably follow. To dramatically increase government power based on the supposed skill of a temporary office holder is a sentence of bureaucratic imprisonment in the not too distant future.

Certainly Perry and Romney are not Barack Obama when it comes to growing government, but both have shown a willingness disregard or hedge on their free-market principles in when under intense political pressure. Voters would be well served to ask themselves if their preferred candidate will make the right decision when future TARPs inevitably come.

What say you, Rick Perry? And you too, Mitt Romney? How about you, dear reader?

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  1. Man, you just can't keep up with Rick Perry's lies, you'd have to be a full-time blogger or something.

  2. A lying politician... Imagine that!

    The letter urged support for an "economic stimulus package," so it's not clear that he supported what came to be known as tarp.

    I'd say a few more dots need to be connected before we say he's lying on this one. The warmed-over Hutchison campaign ad doesn't really prove anything other than as a governor he's going to make sure his state gets it's fair share, which itself shows how twisted the system has become, but here we are...

  3. I've reading up on Perry, lately.

    I think you have to look at him as a product of Texas state government over the past generation, and the big partisan shift that occurred there at during that time.

    Perry is no Lyndon Johnson, for instance. Johnson had to maintain certain conservative "principles" (at the time, mostly racism), until he had the opportunity to do the right thing as POTUS.

    Perry is no GHW Bush, either. Bush was not a product of the partisan shift, but rather an old school, blue blood, Republican elite/pol/diplomat, etc.

    The comparisons to GW Bush are pretty funny, though. The running joke is that Perry is what Bush pretended to be - a genuinely stupid rich pretend-cowboy.

    Perry is a product of that great shift in Texas politics when the national GOP was able to redistrict Texas so as to circumvent and undermine the old powerful state Democratic party.

    Perry went with that wave from the very beginning, more than twenty years ago.

    This is a great post, Les. You are comparing Perry to Romney, and that is a great comparison.

    Romney is a product of a somewhat-less-great-but-still-significant shift in Massachusetts' partisan balance. An old GOP minority establishment has long been able to exert some state power there, but now they're in the US Senate, and have held the governor's seat quite a bit.

    The two of them, Perry and Romney, have walked on and across both fine and stark philosophical lines to rise to power. They were both part and product of the shifts in their states.

    Neither is a purest.

    I'll say this - I am a little heartened by that.

    A right-wing philosophical purest in the White House, especially at this time of empire-trouble, would be a disaster. Not that Romney or Perry would be all that much better. I'd prefer Obama to either of them.


  4. Rick Perry vs. Barney Frank in an amnesia and/or "I'm lying through my teeth" steel-cage death-match. What a frigging donnybrook that one would be. Pinocchios - both of 'em!

  5. But the real matchup in the real world will be Obama vs Romney, Perry or some other GOP candidate.

  6. Silverfiddle makes a good point about the real matchup.

    The most conservative candidate in the world will do America no good if that conservative candidate is unelectable.

    Am I compromising? Not in principle! But real politic must be considered.

    If I had to choose between Perry and Romney, I'd choose the former. Not happily, but if that's my only choice, I have to make that choice.

  7. JMJ said: "A right-wing philosophical purest in the White House, especially at this time of empire-trouble, would be a..."

    There is no empire.

  8. "...empire-trouble..."?

    Did you mean to say, "Regime Trouble"?

    Or perhaps you meant to say, "The Sure and Inevitable Defeat of the Socialist Party aka The Democrat Party"?

    President Obama will be denigrated to a sour footnote in the history books of this nation. A wet washcloth could beat him in 2012. Your Hope and Change failed. Just like Rush wanted. Funny, that.

    Perry is a fake. Those of us who are not GOP puppets and sycophants know this. But President Obama's days as Dear Leader are numbered, and he knows it, and you now it. ACORN has been stripped of its power. Who will pad your votes this time around?



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