Saturday, September 17, 2011

As the Economy Continues to Falter Obama's Approval Rating Continues to Drop

by: Les Carpenter
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Due to America's fervent belief in Obama's "Hope and Change" mantra America is now reaping that which she sowed.

CBS News - As concerns about the struggling U.S. economy grow, a new CBS News/New York poll finds that President Obama's overall approval rating has dropped to 43 percent, the lowest so far of his presidency in CBS News polling. In addition, his disapproval rating has reached an all-time high of 50 percent.


Except for a notable spike in approval after the killing of Osama bin Laden in May, President Obama's approval rating has been below 50 percent since the spring of 2010.

Not surprisingly, the down economy has had a clear impact on Mr. Obama's approval rating.

The poll also found that 39 percent of Americans say the economy is fairly bad, and another 47 percent say the economy is very bad - the highest percentage since April 2009. Meanwhile, 13 percent say the economy is fairly good and just one percent say it is very good.

In addition, 72 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track -- the highest percentage so far since the president took office. Just 23 percent think the country is currently in the right direction.

As for Mr. Obama's rating on the economy, just 34 percent approve of the way he has handled the economy, with 57 disapproving. And on the issue of job creation, 40 percent approve and 53 percent disapprove.


In addition, for the first time, more Americans have an unfavorable opinion of the president than a favorable one - 39 percent have a favorable opinion, while 42 percent view him unfavorably. Eighteen percent are undecided. {More Here}

Indeed. Irrespective of the notion held by progressives that the President is doing a great job the majority of Americans now know otherwise.

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  1. Jersey -- Here's my heartfelt, principled response to your belief system that you so effectively put forth:

    It's as simple as that. Come visit me in CA and see with your own eyes what the progressive vision has created, I'm sure you will never learn anyway.

  2. As bad as Mr. Obama's poll numbers are, they're still somewhat better than the Congress's are. The way that I (a person with zero allegiance to either party) see it here, 2012 just might be the penultimate "the lesser of 2 evils" election.


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