Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our Government @ Work

by: Les Carpenter
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Government at work for you, the taxpayer. The following is an outrage!


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  1. There was a story about the government buildings that are empty that are costing the taxpayers a fortune every year just to maintain. All total about 69,000 of them.

    Now that property values are way down the feds are looking to (possibly) unload about 14,000 just to see if they can even do it. IF it works they will look to unload the remaining 55,000.

    The key to the story, IMO, is this paragraph:

    "But it will need Congressional approval to navigate what Deputy Budget Director Jeff Zients describes as a very slow and painful process. That process is laden with red tape and political factors that make it difficult for the government to identify and sell the buildings."

    "Slow and painful process laden with red tape." That statement characterizes everything government does and accounts for the main reason the feds alone spend 25% of the entire GDP of the country. Add in the state and local governments and you are probably taking 50% of every dollar earned just to provide services. If you get rid of the "red tape and political factors" you could reduce the cost of delivering these same services. If that savings brings in a modest 10% to 20% you could be looking at a savings of a trillion dollars a year adding in all governments. I suspect you could see as much as 20% to 30% which would mean the same services provided more effeciently without raising taxes or getting rid of any real services. Yes you would be reducing the national governmental workforce and yes this would spike the unemployment rates but this cannot be avoided. Rather than waiting for the day when the cuts will be forced and immediate a thoughtful plan would spread the pain out over decades. The fact that the government finds it difficult to even identify and sell empty buildings however does not offer much hope.

    Oh well. Happy independence day to all the tax slaves out there in the land of the free and the brave.



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