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Obama turns to small-scale solutions to a weak economy... And a $695 Per Worker Rebate In Hopes of Buying Your Vote

by: Les Carpenter
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As Obama continues to be clueless.... I am sure he is hoping that a $695 dollar rebate will convince you to vote in 2012 for his failed policies of the past. After all, it takes time for central government planning of the economy to take hold and be successful no? Let history and facts be your guide.

From the Los Angeles Times
Reporting from Washington—
As White House aides search for ways to show progress on the economy, they are banking that a set of small-scale proposals may be able to win congressional approval and dent a chronically high unemployment rate considered the main threat to President Obama's reelection chances.

Obama has turned to the modest measures in the absence of more ambitious tools, such as stimulus spending, which are not an option for the White House in the climate of austerity and fiscal discipline dominating Washington.

Examples include more spending on high-speed rail, roads and bridges; improvements to the patent system; free-trade agreements; and extending a one-year payroll tax cut that is expected to provide an average benefit of $695 per worker.

Privately, White House advisors worry that there is no elixir for jolting the economy in ways that could alter the dynamics of the election campaign. But they hope at least to show strides in reducing the unemployment rate. That task got tougher Friday after a bleak jobs report showed the unemployment rate rose to 9.2%. {Read More} (if you have the stomach for it)

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  1. I was arguing for a payroll tax holiday back in 2009 (as a modest form of stimulus). And I still think that it might have been helpful - back then! Now, though, you're probably right, Les. It's just another big budget buster.

  2. Oh for Christ's sake man, when will you get over it? Obama is not a communist! We are not becoming a socialist or communist state! ONLY an idiot would think so! You simply CAN NOT really believe this hyperbole!


  3. JMJ - When the F did I ever say Obama was a communist in the sense that you are implying?

    I'll save you the trouble of looking it up. Never, that's when.

    And whether your progressive a** wants to admit it or not the truth is... Yes we are becoming a socialist staTe. We have been since 1934. When FDR was president. Loom it up fool!

    In the meantime take a rest!

  4. Will - It takes a conservative and/or a moderate to understand this. Note JMJ's comment.

    Pitiful to say the least!

  5. Les, have you ever studied what life was like for most Americans prior to 1934? Are you suggesting we go back to that?


  6. JMJ - My grandparents lived through the Great Depression, we talked often and at length. Particularly my grandfather and I. A man who while being poor during those years never took a red cent of public assistance. He did, however uproot his family and moved them over half a nation to where the work was.

    By the way, my grandfather is a man I miss greatly and hold the highest respect for to this day. I always will.

    So butt head, please DO NOT ask such foolishly stupid questions as you are so prone to do.

    My father, who was young during the Great Depression, you know the gentleman who you referred to as "an old fart", as well as other foolish adjectives, has a strong memory of having little. What he does remember is a father who did not feel shoveling shit was beneath him if that is what it took to feed his family.

    The work ethic of my grandfather was passed on to his son who passed it to me. I suspect it is a family trait going back to pre-revolutionary times.

    Which, for you sorry a** information is how far my family tree goes back.

    Now, please go find another who will buy your BS.


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