Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is Anybody Home Upstairs?

by: Les Carpenter
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Supporting gay rights in your own country (U.S.A.), on your own shores is fine. The actions of the American Embassy in Pakistan, an Islamic culture was foolish and arrogant.


Whoever is responsible for these idiots at the American Embassy ought to be giving them pink slips.

A quite appropriate comment was left on You Tube.
Why the HELL is a U.S. Embassy hosting a gay celebration in another country? First of all, why is the tax payer paying for this?

Second of all, what does it have to do with the functioning of an embassy?

Third, who are these morons to do it in another country, where they damn well know people are very unlikely to take kindly to America in the first place?

These people should be fired on the spot.


  1. Yeah, let's throw another barrel of gasoline on the already flaming hatred Islamic countries have for the west.

    What's next? Ambassadors inviting people to a pork BBQ?

  2. Well, I agree that this was stupid, but I also must note that conservatives regularly complain that the Obama administration is somehow hypocritically negligent for not imposing "liberal" values on more conservative parts of the world. Well, here, they did it. And now we see why that's a stupid idea.



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