Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 235th Birthday America!

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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On this day in 1776 a new nation was born. A nation founded on the premise that liberty, and right of each  individual to experience and enjoy the freedom that liberty guarantees would be the right of all men.

That  vision, spawned during the Age Enlightenment  in the 18th century came to full  fruition with the American Declaration of Independence. The resulting American system known as a democratic republic  {as set for in the Constitution of the United States of America}  resulted in this nation ultimately becoming the most prosperous, most influential, and the most powerful nation the world has ever known.

Even today, as we honor the Founding Fathers and Patriots of yesteryear for their courage and vision, we continue to work to insure that the vision {and wisdom} of 1776 is fully realized. 

For those who truly understand history...  It is recognized that events must be viewed within the framework of the time in which they took place. As such, we recognize that the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the rights afforded the citizens of this nation by our Constitution  were indeed unequally distributed. Especially with respect to slavery, womens rights, and the rights of native Americans.

Over the many decades that have passed since our nation's founding we have determined to expand and further insure the basic human and individual rights guaranteed by our founding documents. And this is why I remain a classical liberal and independent conservative. 

The ability to understand both the vision of our founding documents and  the political realities of  the time in which the tide of change was occurring defines the difference between conservatives and progressives today. Conservatives wish to preserve the vision of the Declaration of Independence and adhere to the Constitution as written. Progressives find fault with the vision and wish to change that which has worked for 235 years.

As we celebrate our Nation's Independence Day  let us not forget our founding principals. We can and should work to recognize the rights of all individuals. Such as we are seeing with respect to the rights of same sex couples to enjoy the same  rights and benefits afforded to heterosexual couples.

As well...  Let us work to preserve that which has resulted in our nation's success. Capitalism, the entrepreneurial spirit, limited and responsible government, fostering the spirit of individualism as opposed to the collective, driving the competitive spirit and the attitude of success, and promoting the attributes and benefits of liberty rather than dependence on government and the tyranny it eventually leads to.

Happy Independence Day America. May this Nation among nations always retain it's Exceptionalism! America is indeed unique and exceptional among nations. History, if you indeed understand it supports the claim.


  1. "Conservatives wish to preserve the vision of the Declaration of Independence and adhere to the Constitution as written. Progressives find fault with the vision and wish to change that which has worked for 235 years."

    The fault was to many people were excluded creating an elitist power structure.
    As written would mean slavery and other injustices would still exist.

    Your bias is showing when your definition implies conservatives are the good guys and progressives are the bad guys. It's not that simple and as a student of History you know better.

  2. Tom - Perhaps you misunderstand me. Well and good. Principles are principles and I stand by the principles as written in the Declaration and the system of government set up by the Constitution.

    No the constitution did not end slavery. Yes the constitution counted slaves as partial humans for the purpose of determining the number of representatives, and yes it was done so for political reasons. Partially to ensure the acceptance of the constitution and create the United States, and partially for economic consideration of the times.

    That was then, this is now. Things have changed as people have become more tolerant, open minded, and diverse.

    Observing the Declaration of Independence, and arguing for ,limited government and observation of the constitution as written does not state specifically, or imply a return to slavery and other injustices. There are things called amendments, remember? And they corrected some inequities in the original constitution {Last I knew they became part of our constitution} Only a moron would suggest that they be repealed.

    So, Tom, unless you have something of more substance that to essential accuse me of being racist by implication please move on.

  3. I'm not accusing you of anything. The amendment process you describe, is a progressive process. The amendments have been of an inclusive nature. Giving more rights to all, and changing the Constitution from is original form, another progressive process. Original intent, is a myth; and has been since the document had its first revision with the Bill of Rights.
    To take the Constitution in its original intent, does include the law of the land, at that time.
    It's a little more complicated to make 21st century law based an 18th century document.

  4. There are some things Tom that need to be changed, and the process to do so was put in place by those old grey hair, now dead fathers of our nation.

    There are other things, principles {concepts if you prefer} of limited governance, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty and rights, etc. that should not change as they're philosophically sound.

    Perhaps the inability to see the good in our founding documents while focusing on the negative and the anti American concepts keep some from seeing clearly.

    Thanks for clarifying you were implying I was a racist. It is appreciated.

  5. Correction Tom... Thanks for clarifying you didn't imply I was not a racist.


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