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Mathews: Weiner Threatens Dems Chances of Ever Recapturing House Leadership if He Stays

by: Les Carpenter
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Usually I don't Put much stock in Chris Matthews thoughts and commentary. However, this time he may just have a point.

Chris Matthews continued his drumbeat of disgust with Congressman Anthony Weiner’s “gross behavior” and wondered when was the Democratic leadership going to step up and force him to resign? Although his guests Ben Smith and Chris Cillizza reported that behind the scenes Democratic leaders are very hopeful Weiner will exit, both agreed that it seems like Weiner might not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Matthews was aware that Weiner’s behavior might not be as big of a deal in his home district of New York, but knew that around the country it played much worse. “If you’re a blue dog Democrat from a conservative culture part of the country . . . your life is getting difficult enough defending the East coast and the left coast Democratic party, they’re too far left,” Matthews said. From there he issued a stern warning to the Democratic party at large:

“If [Weiner] stays, [Democrats] never get the leadership [in the House] back. They never get the speakership back. Because the people in the rural areas of this country who are Christian, conservative, culturally – you can say ‘backward’ if you want – they don’t like this stuff.”

Smith thought it was too early to make such broad statements, but Cillizza agreed that the sooner this story is over, the better it would be for Democrats. Matthews, however, like a true “Paul Revere” repeated his warning that the Democrats will not be coming to a majority position in the House of Representatives if Weiner is still there next by the next election season.

If Matthews is right Weiner staying on in the House, even given he is a lying low life, might be a good thing if it cripples the progressive collectivist even further.

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  1. Matthews has always been a little old fashioned and socially conservative, so that's his problem with all this. He is a pretty stereotypical Irish Catholic from Phildelphia, after all.

    I never understood the average conservative's hatred of the guy. It seems you guys aren't happy unless it's literally Mark Levin 24-7-365 on every news network.

    Matthews is actually pretty good, if so bombastic as to be understanably off-putting for many. I always thought he was the next John Mclaughlin. But it's not his politics, which are really just a little left-of-center, but his style that's not for everyone. I like him, though. I find him refreshing.

    As for Weiner and the 2012 election... yeah... maybe... it's hard to tell. Weiner comes out of the NYC Democratic Machine. They owned Gracie Mansion for a looooooong time, and the voters of New York haven't elected one since David Dinkins. That was quite a while ago.

    Despite that Machine having trouble regaining the Mansion, it can easily get rid of Weiner, which they very well may do. There are plenty of upstart NY Dems waiting in the box.

    I don't think it matters if Weiner sticks around. I think he'll get ousted in the primaries. I am quite familiar with the politics of NYC, and so much more is Matthews - but I still think as well that Matthews take is skewed by his morality at the expense of a sounder perspective of NYC politics.

    On top of that, it's very hard for the GOP to run against this kind of scandal. They have plenty of the same sorts of scandals themselves, are just as ready to look the other way when it conveniences them, and worst of all - they run as the "Family Values," "DOMA," "Conservative," party!

    So... yeah... good luck with that.


  2. I think that Matthews, in his heart, is basically a moderate. He just kind of got caught in all of this Obamamania and the fact that the Republicans have been giving him a lot of good material lately.

  3. We expect liberals to get caught with heir pants down. It's in their DNA.

    When a *gasp!* "conservative does it or a GOP member does it, they usually exit and disappear in shame, and rightly so.

    Liberals like to hang on since their constituents don't really care about their elected official's moral character, it is all about maintaining the 'sucking on the teats of government' mentality.

    Weiner is an awful husband and I fear he shall be an even worse father if his wife doesn't get an abortion first.

    I still believe that in 2012, during coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election, Chris Matthews will literally go insane right on TV in front of us all, and MSNBC will have to cut to a lengthy commercial as they drag him off set. I'm not joking. This guy is going to have a public meltdown in front of us all. Best thing MSNBC can do is lock him in a closet for the entire election season.

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  4. Don - You actually think Mathews will do an Olberman?

    Here's hoping he does!

  5. Les,

    Seriously, given Matthews inability to not act like a giddy child on camera or behave like a petulant spoiled liberal, I do believe when 2012 hits and Obama is ousted, Matthews will completely blow a gasket and either have an on-air heart attack or begin screaming profanities at the GOP and tear his microphone off and run screaming around the studio.

    He's on the edge as it is of being insane. Obama losing will be that straw to break his back.

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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