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Is America on the Verge of Accepting Complete Governmental Control of the Means of Production? AKA Communism

by: Les Carpenter
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The following issue, while not the concerns of our fourth President James Madison as expressed above {the NLRB didn't exit in the early 1800's}, it is without a doubt and extension of his concerns. I say this because our present day governmental structure has grown well beyond the constraints put in place by our fonding fathers and framers of the Constitution of the United States.

When an arm of the federal bureaucracy [NLRB} attempts to dictate where an independent entity {read business} can locate its facility the government has certainly crossed the boundaries of its constitutional authority.

Excerpts from The Hill:
“The NLRB decision and what they are saying to an American economy as to where and how they can do business is outrageous. This is not the Soviet Union circa 1970s or 1960s or ‘50s,” Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor, said on Fox News Friday.

“The idea that we have a federal agency telling an American business in a supposedly free market that it can’t grow a business or start a business in another state is one of the most outrageous things I have seen,” Pawlenty said.

Boeing opened a 787 Dreamliner assembly plant Friday in South Carolina.

The NLRB filed a complaint against the company in April, alleging it violated labor laws by moving a second final assembly plant to right-to-work South Carolina as retaliation against unionized workers in Washington state, which, if true, would violate the National Labor Relations Act.

Democrats and liberal groups are fighting back against criticism of the National Labor Relations Board as they grow worried that the attacks could diminish the labor board’s authority. {Read the complete article }

While not pretending to be an economic expert I do know this much for certain, whenever government controls the means of production, and regulates business flexibility, the outcome will ultimately be disastrous. Both for the country and all its people.

One only need look to recent history to find ample evidence of this.

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  1. Right, lets idolize an idiot (Pawlenty) who took his State (MN) from a 600 million dollar surplus to a 6 Billion dollar debt.
    That's the kind of leadership you choose to promote?

  2. Really? I haven't any idea of what the F your idiot a*s is talking about.

    Other than maybe you hate America and that is why you hide behind Anon TAO.

  3. let's not demean Tao for using the anonymous label yet RN, if that be him. there are a lot of us that are having problems when commenting on blogs, myself included. whenever i want to comment i need to switch to using the firefox browser instead of IE.

  4. anonymous,
    since the right hasn't nominated anyone yet, your rebuttal is meaningless. this indicates that you have no meaningful rebuttal to RN's post. and meaningless rebuttals are arguments of the foolish.

  5. RN used quotes from Pawlenty in his post, and Pawlenty is an announced candidate for President of the United States.
    Looking at a candidates past performance is not meaningless, unless you would rather hide the facts of his past performance.

  6. anonymous,
    true, RN did use quotes from him. and if he was talking about in him terms of his qualification for office, his past record would be subject to scrutiny, but RN's post is on a particular issue not his candidacy.

    so, the question would be debate on his view of this particular issue.

    and the issue is whether or not a business can move where they choose not whether the government is balancing their budget. so, your argument is meaningless to the issue in question.
    thus my previous statement stands as defended.

  7. Actually, RN, I have only responded as Anon one time....and have ceased responding at all on your blog since then.

    If you go to the original source of the information you find out that Boeing is actually breaking a contract, and not doing so for economic reasons.

    Basically, Boeing has already opened the new assembly line, thus your claim is nothing more than bogus hysterics, as it is already opening no one has stopped them from doing anything. They will end up having to pay a fine, if found guilty of contractual issues (they go before an administrative review judge June 14th and have years to appeal whatever decision is made).

    Hysterics RN is so unbecoming!

  8. TAO - Sadly even with your intelligence you fail to recognize the point.

    Continuing slow encroachment. As Jefferson so enunciated as a worry of his long before you or I existed.

    He and Madison were correct.

    Sorry TAO, YOUR FAIL!


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