Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dufus {McCain} Does It Again

by: Les Carpenter
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Senator John McCain, the respected Vietnam War Veteran that he is, has spoke without presenting substantiated proof for his claims Arizona's wildfires were set in part by illegal aliens.

Rational Nation USA has been a strong advocate for enforcing border security and a critic of Obama's laxity of the same. However, for Senator McCain to make accusations without presenting any substantial proof is, well, just plain foolish. He should know it plays right into the hands of the pogressives.

Excerpt from CNN
U.S. Sen. John McCain is blaming illegal immigrants for starting some of the wildfires that have scorched hundreds of thousands of acres in Arizona.

"There is substantial evidence that some of these fires have been caused by people who have crossed our border illegally," McCain, R-Arizona, said Saturday at a press conference. "The answer to that part of the problem is to get a secure border."

The Arizona senator, however, did not say what the evidence is, prompting a swift rebuke from Latino civil rights advocates.

"It's easier to fan the flames of intolerance, especially in Arizona," said Randy Parraz, a civil rights advocate who ran unsuccessfully against McCain as a Democratic candidate in 2010.

Parraz called McCain's remarks "careless and reckless" but not entirely surprising given the political climate in Arizona. The Latino advocate is co-founder of Citizens for a Better Arizona, a group trying the recall the legislator who authored the state's controversial anti-illegal immigration law.

Parraz said McCain "should know better" than to make such an accusation without presenting any facts.

McCain said that illegal immigrants set such fires either to send signals, keep warm or distract law enforcement agents. But he did not specify which fires allegedly had been started by illegal immigrants, nor did he identify his sources or provide details of the "substantial" evidence he cited.{ Continue Reading}

If Senator McCain's assertions are in fact correct he should have presented the evidence. If data is still being gathered and sifted through that will eventually support the Senator's assertions he ought to have held his tongue until such data was conclusive and then made it available.

And this man is supposedly a seasoned politian and experienced senator. Makes one wonder if it migh be worth the time and effort to consider entering the rough and tumble of politics.

On second thought...

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Well, Les, I give you a lot of credit for looking at this critically. Who knows? Maybe he's right? But we would need evidence. I just can't imagine the impetus for illegal aliens to set fire to thier own routes, let alone to set fires at all. I mean, maybe to stay warm in the desert while they're crossing at night, and then it gets out of control, or is accidently not put out enough? Who knows? A couple of campers or smugglers or poachers could easily do the same thing. So, what does it matter who started it? And besides, it's the desert! Deserts have brush fires that get out of control all the time! It could have been anything!

    McCain has a long history of shooting inaccurately from the hip, so to speak. So, we'll just have to see how this pans out. Personally, like you, I view this with a skeptical eye. Good for you for criticizing this. It shows your high and consistant intengrity.


  2. McCain has gone from a politician who rarely, if ever, pandered to one who panders as readily as he farts. His, folks, is one of the saddest political stories in memory.

  3. If it is jingoistic rhetoric aimed at latinos, you can be sure it is coming from the GOP.

    The challenge for the Republicans is to figure out a way to deal with immigration and not look like a bunch of Mexican haters.

    So far they have been wildly unsuccessful in this endeavor, which with a general population trending towards a minority majority, does not bode well for them.

    Couple that with an unwillingness to discuss these coming realities and you see a real problem moving forward.


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