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Alabama Governor Signs Tough Immigration Law

Alabama Governor David Bentley           AP/David Bundy

by: Les Carpenter
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Alabama Governor David Bentley has signed into law what so far is the toughest immigration law in the nation. It includes all of the provisions of Arizona's SB 1070 and goes further, requiring schools and landlords to verify the immigration status of students and tenants.

Like the Arizona law Alabama's law is certainly headed for tough challenges in the courts. Civil rights groups such as the far left Southern Poverty Law Center are lining up to challenge the new law.

Excerpts from Salon:
On Thursday, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signed what both critics and backers agree is the toughest immigration law in the country.

Despite the relative lack of national media attention, the Alabama law includes more harsh measures than even Arizona's notorious SB 1070, which immediately faced legal challenges after passing last year. Like the Arizona law, Alabama's measure requires local police to check the immigration status of people who they believe may be in the country illegally.

But it goes much further, establishing new requirements for checking the immigration status of students and potential tenants. It is scheduled to go into effect in September -- but not before a promised legal challenge by civil rights groups.

Bentley... signed the legislation after it passed both houses of the state's Republican-controlled Legislature by a wide margin.

As it is a matter of national security it is crucial this nation begins enforcing efctive immigration laws and stem cut off the flow of illegal immigration. The issue is not about civil rights, it is every bit about individuals being in the country illegally.

It is quite logical that the federal government administer and enforce immigration laws. However, As our federal government has chosen to ignore the immigration issue for years it is reasonable that states assume responsibility. Perhaps as more states pursue this course the feds will actually implement a realistic, enforceable, and fair {to U.S.A. citizens} immigration policy.

In the process strict {and tough} laws must be in place to punish businesses that hire illegal aliens. I know how tempting it is for some businesses to employee illegals at reduced wages and no benefits. Tough, our problem of illegal immigration is far more serious than your bottom line.

As I noted the Southern Poverty Law Center and others will fight to have the law overturned. Following are closing comments by the SPLC's staff attorney Sam Brooke during his interview with Salon.
Your immigration status won't even actually matter -- what will matter is if you have the right documents to show and how tolerant you are of the fact that you're going to have more questions asked of you because of the color of your skin. Many police officers are also nervous. They recognize that you have to be engaged with the population and let them know you're there to help. That way, when crime happens, people know they can trust you and go to you to report the crime. That keeps all of us safer. If people are afraid to call police, crime can run rampant. This is already a problem in certain immigrant communities.

Fundamentally it's our view that this is an un-American law. It's a law that requires people to carry identification on them at all times in order to prove that they're a U.S. citizen. It's a law that is making all of us a lot less safe here in Alabama. This is definitely a dark day in the civil rights history of Alabama. {Read Full Article}

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