Sunday, May 29, 2011

When You're Right Your're Right!

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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Rational Nation USA is not a supporter of a Palin run for the presidency, often taking heat from the Palinistas. With respect to the forgoing video clip all that need be said is SPOT ON!

Continue to spread the message of liberty and fiscal responsibility Sarah, and get behind a true libertarian/conservative candidate that can drive national debate in the direction it so desperately needs to go.

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  1. I really hope she doesn't run. She doesn't even poll well among Republicans.

    My sentiment seems to be a common one: She's a great lady, and her accomplishments are admirable. To go from a housewife to governor is an incredible story in itself. She took on the cronies in the petroleum industry and destroyed the Alaska GOP good ol' boy club.

    However, she's not qualified to be president, and regardless of what her fans say, quitting after a half a term as governor did hurt her. If she can't stand up to the forces of evil as Alaska Governor, how will she fight the really big forces of evil arrayed against the United States?

    I fear she will get in, and her fans will hate everyone who doesn't gush over her and end up poisoning the waters.

  2. Silver - As so often the case you nailed it!

    See ya around in the soon to be corrupted blogoshere.

    Of course this means when I am good and well ready.

    Thanks for being a past contributor and for your continued visits!

    Be well..., Until another day.


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