Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stockman Has the Eventual Outcome Right... For All the Wrong Reasons

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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There is absolutely no question that if this nation elects to continue on our current irresponsible and unsustainable fiscal path raising taxes on everybody will be become a necessity.


Of course Stockman is speaking from the perspective of a true progressive. He, like all progressives simply believes in the right of the federal governments to confiscate the fruits of every individual's labor to whatever level the government deems necessary to support its spending habits. It does not matter how irrational those spending habits may be.

If this nation simply closed tax loopholes for the very wealthy and large corporations, implemented a fat tax system, ended government subsidies to corporations {corporate welfare}, reigned in the MIC {military industrial complex} spending to only what is necessary to defend this nation and our true allies, discontinue global foreign welfare, eliminate duplicity in government programs and cut ineffective and unnecessary domestic programs, end the seemingly never ending and costly war on drugs, enforce our borders thereby stopping illegal immigration and its intendant cost to the nation, and stop raiding social security and leaving IOU's in place of real money. The foregoing would be a huge beginning on the road to fiscal responsibility.

However, neither the democrats or the republicans are going to do anything serious on this front. The simple truths are this, the American people really do want their cake and eat it too. and both parties are primarily concerned about either returning to, or staying in power. Ultimately we will keep driving towards the economic abyss. The republicans will get us their and the democrats will get it there perhaps a little sooner.

Buckle up for the ride. Oh, one more thing, sooner or later your taxes will go up, you can count on it. {Read the article from The Washington Post}

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  1. We need thinner taxes, not "fat taxes". Don't close the loopholes: instead increase them for everyone.

    "enforce our borders thereby stopping illegal immigration and its intendant cost to the nation"

    Now that would cause a major blow to the economy, since most illegal aliens work (doing something productive and helping build the nation), and they spend money on housing, food, and durable goods.

    If you really must deport someone, deport speeders who go 90 mph. Like illegal aliens, they are criminals. And the crimes of speeders, in fact those of jaywalkers, are more damaging to the country than the crimes of people who are so enamored of the American dream and rugged individualism that they break immigration laws in order to work in the US.

    Funny how the RonPaulistas are so heavily against "Statism" except when statism gets in the way of economic freedom and people's desire to work for a living.

  2. Stockman was RR's economic adviser. Stockman was the economist who said the American economy actually runs better on a deficit.
    He is not a progressive.
    He is (lately) going around saying how bad Republicans have screwed up the economy with their multi-trillion dollar debts.
    Irony is a good word to use here, but at least he sees the errors of his ways, and is speaking out.

  3. Les,

    Please pardon this horrible interruption on your blog.

    Did you see this one?

    How many people have been suspended from MSNBC for off-color remarks? How many from FOX News have been suspended for off-color remarks?


    Not for nothing, but this is simply the left showing us how ignorant and childish they can be.

    Donald in Bethel, CT

    I lost your email so I posted this here instead. Sorry for this lack of etiquette!


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