Monday, May 16, 2011

Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday May 15, 2011

by the Left Coast Rebel

If one wants to catch a glimpse inside the House that Paul Built that explains the dynamics behind his incredible level of enthusiastic support (especially among the youth), look no further than Dr. No's appearance on Fox News Sunday yesterday with Chris Wallace.

In an interview ranging from the IMF's totalitarian global finance schemes, American sovereignty, basic constitutional principles, what he would do as president (1:30 on the dial), moral hazard, original intent, the upcoming financial crisis....Ron Paul hits the ball out of the park on each and every issue.

Watch it:

Paul also clarifies his Osama bin Laden kill mission stance later in the video (8:30), which stirred controversy last week.

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  1. His position on the Mississippi levees is a little unrealistic. We already built all these levees, and so the results of the flooding are now anything but "natural." If We the People built them, then We the People can decide when and where to blow them.

    Paul then goes on to assert that Article , Section 8 of the Constitution somehow precludes Medicare because it doens't mention setting up an insurance program. That is specious logic at best.

    There were a few other points, but suffice to say, Ron Paul does not have a realistic or accurate understandiong of the Constitution.



    Ron Paul likely more about the Constitution than you DO NOW OR EVER WILL.

  3. Did the NeoCons write the questions for this interview?
    Jersey, you are always good for a laugh


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