Thursday, May 5, 2011

Post bin Laden Mistakes by the Obama Administration.

by: Les Carpenter
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The President, as I have said more than once, is deserving of high fives for his decision to pull the trigger authorizing the operation that lead to the demise of bin Laden. Yet, with each passing day, there are more and more questions surfacing as to the administration's handling of issues post bin Laden.

Mark Halperin in his May 4th article in Time identifies five mistakes made by the Obama administration. They are:
  • Not getting its story straight...
  • Not giving George W. Bush enough credit...
  • Letting the photo debate get out of control...
  • Letting the debate about the war in Afghanistan get out of control...
  • Letting the debate about Pakistan get out of control...
These are certainly mistake that could take the shine off the Presidents accomplishments. A brilliantly executed mission followed by flawed judgements can, and usually does, have negative consequences for a sitting president. Recent history has shown this to be so.

Read Mark Halperin's full article with it's very cogent points detailed in full.


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  1. A president who doesn't know how to spin? Refreshing....

  2. Kinda nitpicky, really.

    Yeah, the Pentagon should not have released some of the earlier narratives.

    No, I've heard the administration and the Pentagon praise earlier efforts and attribute them to this one.

    Maybe the photo thing was bungled a bit, but I guess it deserved a genuine debate that could only take place after the fact anyway, so I see it as sort of inevitable.

    "Letting" debates "get out of control" (a subjective standard) is a hard thing to tag on the administration. Often, no matter what they do, spinmasters in the media and on the Hill will make the debate get out of "control" as far as some are concerned. Let's put it this way - I don't even have the kind of birth certificate you guys apparently demand, and if I'm not and American, I'd sure like to know what the hell I am!

    It's the pols and pundits who propagate this stupidity who make the debate get out of control. They do it by creating these frivolous debates. It's not the administration creating these stupid pseudo-issues.

    The administration plays these conspiracy genuises sometimes, and sometimes they just placate them. It's not bungling - it's tactical. One shouldn't handle every situation that comes your way head on, full steam, immediately. People that do that are called @$$#@!@$.

    So, Halperin is just being a bit of a b!#@h here. That's okay though. It's in his job decription. He's one of those guys who make debates get out of control. That's why Time magazine is only good for a doctor's office coffee table.


  3. Oh, Mr. Obama has his share of spinmasters. No doubt some of the best.

  4. I don't know who "you guys" refer to. Other than Iam pretty sure it means anybody who disagrees with the lefist thought train.

    It seems any valid concerns over anything Obama does is nitpicky to you JMJ.

  5. Jersey's still smokin' that hopium.

    The blunderbags in the Obama administration blew it. They are amateurs. Now the conspiracy theorists are having a field day.

    I would be tempted to think Obama bungled this on purpose, but he has bungled so much that this just fits the pattern.

  6. I miss the day when we had a President who know what he was doing, and could be counted on acting in the public interest most of the time, instead acting in the public interest only on rare occasions.

  7. Silver - I believe you may be right. And I hear hopium is addictive to the lesser personalities.

  8. @dmarks,

    I'm with Les on this one. Nicely said, sir.

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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