Friday, May 20, 2011

Palestinians Call For Arab Activists To Storm Israel's Border Friday May 20th

Syrians approaching Israeli border (Photo: Reuters
by: Les Carpenter
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From Ynet:

Pro-Palestinian activists have formed a new Facebook group calling for mass marches on Israel's borders this coming Friday.

The group – "Third Palestinian Intifada" – urges Arab activists in neighboring countries to storm Israel's borders in reaction to the recent "Nakba Day" events and ensuing casualties.

Several Facebook groups urge a third mass popular uprising against Israel, and one of them sports a "Friday of response" page, bearing the date May 20. The page, which currently has 100,000 "Like's", does not however give any details on how or exactly when these marches should take place.

Still, various reports in the Arab media, including in al-Jazeera, suggest that activists in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon plan to march on the Israel's borders; and that Palestinians from Gaza Strip and the West Bank are also expected to stage such marches.

Can there be any doubt but what the speech by Barrack Hussein Obama yesterday will only serve to embolden those whose goal is the destruction of the State if Israel? Or put more graphically the annihilation of an entire people? Once again BHO is proving himself to be the adversary of the only democratic nation in the Middle East and our only true ally in the region. His overt move to appease the Palestinians specifically, and the Arab generally is either naive or stupid. History will be the ultimate judge.

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  1. This summer is not looking good.

  2. Every one of these people caught in this action should be imprisoned for attempted genocide.


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