Sunday, May 15, 2011

Israel Again Under Attack by Arabs Bent on Her Destruction

 Protesters climbed over the border fence as they crossed from Syria into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights on Sunday

by: Les Carpenter
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Do we need more proof the Muslim world's goal is indeed the destruction of the democratic state of Israel? A nation with by far superior ethical and moral values than the wretched ideology of radical Islam.

Excerpts from The New York Times

JERUSALEM — Israel’s borders erupted in deadly clashes on Sunday as thousands of Palestinians — marching from Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank — confronted Israeli troops to mark the anniversary of Israel’s creation. More than a dozen people were reported killed and scores injured.

With an unprecedented wave of coordinated protests, the popular uprisings that have swept the region touched Israel directly for the first time. Like those other protests, plans for this one spread over social media, including Facebook, but there were also signs of official support in Lebanon and Syria, where analysts said leaders were using the Palestinian cause to deflect attention from internal problems...

At day’s end, as a tense calm returned to the country’s borders, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel said the protests had been aimed at destroying Israel, not creating a Palestinian state alongside it.

“The leaders of these violent demonstrations, their struggle is not over the 1967 borders but over the very existence of Israel, which they describe as a catastrophe that must be resolved,” he said in a televised statement. “It is important that we look with open eyes at the reality and be aware of whom we are dealing with and what we are dealing with.”

Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, saluted the protesters in a televised speech, referring to the dead as martyrs. “The blood of the nakba fatalities was not spilled in vain,” he said. “They died for the Palestinian people’s rights and freedom.” ... {Read the complete article.}

Again Israel is acting in self defense against a people and ideology that refuses to recognize the Jewish people's right to exist in their historical homeland. The goal of Arab governments, the Persian Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Palestinian Authority is the annihilation of the Jewish people. How many ways do they need to prove it before the apologetic western liberal media will finally get it?

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  1. Get what? The "apologetic western liberal media" knows the Palestinians want their country back. That's not news. They know the local Arab states use Israel as a scapegoat for every bad thing they do and the bad consequences that come from that. We all know this.


  2. JMJ - Wrong again... there has NEVER been a Palestinian country or state. ever!

  3. JMJ, I look closely at your photo for a Hitler moustache. Why so antisemitic? The problem is not Palestinians "wanting their country back". It is them engaging in imperialist aggression to want to take over someone else's country. But since the victims, the target of this intended genocide, are Jews, I guess it is OK for you to lie about it?

    I recall the earlier gay-bashing comment of yours about "Faggots". Now you have also revealed yourself as an antisemite.

  4. If the Arab line is accurate, that there was an enduring and indigenous Palestinian population of what is now Israel, then why did the UN feel the need to alter its definition of "refugee" to "2 years or longer"? I'll tell you why. It's because a lot of those "Palestinians" came to Western Palestine (from as many as 50 other countries) to take advantage of the economic opportunities provided by the Jews.......Are the Israelis totally blameless here? Of course not. But for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party to so constantly side with the Arabs in this is extremely disappointing.

  5. Will - Thank you for your comment and honest statement.

    Not to cast aspersions om the progressives but... this is what they now, and always have done best over the last 110 years or so. JMHO.

  6. Actually, I do not deny or want to discourage the Palestinians' desire for nationhood. So they are a new nation, so what? The US was at one time.

    But the Palestinian nation should be built on the ashes of Jews, or inside the nation of Israel. Build it outside, and leave Israel alone. And unfortunately, the Palestinian national government and most of its voters are insisting on genocide at this point.

  7. dmarks - I assume you meant "should NOT be built on the ashes of Jews..."

    As you framed your remarks I would not have a problem either.

    Radical Islam gets in the way of much. Wouldn't you agree?


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