Friday, May 20, 2011

Will Obama Break the Law?

by: Les Carpenter
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The President is very close to being in violation of the 1973 War Powers Act. May 21st marks the sixtieth day since BHO made the decision to involve the United States in the Libyan civil war. The act says specifically... "if the president does not get congressional authorization 60 days after military action, the mission must stop within 30 days."

Washington (CNN) -- President Obama may be on the brink of breaking the law.

At issue: The 1973 War Powers Act, which says if the president does not get congressional authorization 60 days after military action, the mission must stop within 30 days.

The president formally notified Congress about the mission in Libya with a letter on March 21, which makes Friday the 60-day deadline.

Inaction is angering lawmakers from both the left and the right who rarely agree on anything.

Rep. Brad Sherman, D-California, tells CNN he believes Obama is trying to "bring democracy to Libya while shredding the Constitution of the United States."

"He cannot continue what he is doing in Libya without congressional authorization. When a president defiantly violates the law, that really undercuts our efforts to urge other countries to have the rule of law," Sherman said.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, concurs.

"You could say, 'Well, we have a good president, he'll do the right thing.' Well, someday you may have a president who does the wrong thing, and that's why you have rules, because you can never count on people being good people," Paul told CNN.

He called it "appalling" and a "terrible precedent" to engage in military action without the people's representatives -- Congress -- debating it. {Read More}

CNN Video:

Could this be yet another case of a statist leader attempting to push out the goal posts defining the limits of his power? I wonder given his belief in highly centralized federal power. Especially with himself at the top of the pyramid.

We will soon know.

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  1. I did a double-take when this was called a "civil war". Because it actually IS one.

    So many situations where one country invades another are called "Civil Wars" when they aren't at all, such as the Soviet war against El Salvador in the 1980s and the Serbian invasions of Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo.

  2. What do you mean WILL he? Are you saying that everything he's done so far is legal?

  3. Not at all. But this will be huge in the eyes of most should he proceed as it appears he is inclined to do.

    Should he do so it may very well be the best thing that could happen as it will spark outrage amongst the majority of the people and help whoever runs against him in 2012 defeat him and put his agenda to bed.


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