Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ex President Clinton Front Man for Internet Censorship

by: Les Carpenter
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Ex President W.J.Clinton is hawking the idea of an internet oversight agency of sorts to regulate and control inaccurate information on the internet. Naturally Clinton specifies that any such agency must be an independent federal agency removed from of any presidential control or influence.

To which I say, RIGHT. Here are excerpts of what the ex Liar in Chief said.

The agency, Clinton said, would “have to be totally transparent about where the money came from” and would have to be “independent” because “if it’s a government agency in a traditional sense, it would have no credibility whatever, particularly with a lot of the people who are most active on the internet.”

“Let’s say the U.S. did it, it would have to be an independent federal agency that no president could countermand or anything else because people wouldn’t think you were just censoring the news and giving a different falsehood out."

“That is, it would be like, I don’t know, National Public Radio or BBC or something like that, except it would have to be really independent and they would not express opinions, and their mandate would be narrowly confined to identifying relevant factual errors. And also, they would also have to have citations so that they could be checked in case they made a mistake. Somebody needs to be doing it, and maybe it’s a worthy expenditure of taxpayer money.”

Anyone who believes this is not a veiled move to introduce government censorship of ideas and information has either lost touch with reality or was never in touch in the first place.

The ex Liar in Chief is now the front man for an obvious attempt to increase statist government control over the internet. With the globalist mentality of the current administration one can reasonably believe the ultimate goal is a global agency to censor conent on the internet. In fact the ex Liar in Chief said as much.

Bill Clinton doesn’t like all the misinformation and rumors floating on the Internet. And he thinks the United Nations or the U.S. government should create an agency to do something about it.

“It would be a legitimate thing to do...” {Read More}

This is a most troubling development. It smacks both of statism and deceit. And it is undoubtedly supported by our current President and Statist in Chief Barrack Hussein Obama. Unless this idea is stopped in its tracks we will soon be looking at a Soviet style federal or global "Bureau of Information."

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  1. Linked your post; hope you don't mind.

  2. Gorges - Not at all! Thanks, and I shall reciprocate if you don't mind.

  3. Why can't disgraced presidents slide out into oblivion? I thought this guy was long gone!


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