Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stop "The Donald".... He's No Conservative, or Libertarian

by: Les Carpenter
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For anyone who finds themselves thinking "The Donald" is either conservative or Libertarian you might want to reconsider and do some homework on your own.

"The Donald", as Mark Levin's list of candidates that Trump has contributed to shows, is no conservative or Libertarian. He is either a wolf in sheep's clothing or just a self promoting pompous a*s. In "The Donald's" case there is more than initially meets the eye.


"The Donald" is gaining popularity in a field of  generally less than exciting or qualified Republican candidates. He is certainly's not the only Republican in the current field of declared and potential candidates that lacks the real conservative or Libertarian bona fides to carry the conservative banner. He is however one of the most dangerous to the conservative and Libertarian cause.

The rightscoop has more goods (and another video) on "The Donald"

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  1. It's not just the conservative or libertarian causes Trump hurts - it's also the Republican Party.

    It's not that Trump isn't a "true" anything - it's that he's a joke. He's a friggin' joke. He makes conservative, libertarians and Republicans look stupid. If the pundits, pols, and other leading voices, of the cons, libers, and GOPers, don't throw Trump over the rail now, they will all be seriously politically damaged come 2012.

    Who knows? Maybe that's what Trump wants. If so, I guess he's no joke afterall.


  2. Dammit Jersey! This is twice in a row I must agree with you!

    The crop of conservative candidates may not be exciting, but many are qualified: Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty...

    If I left anyone out it was purely intentional.

  3. Thanks Silver, I always appreciate your concurrance. And you're right - the GOP does have viable, competent possibilities. They're shooting themselves in the foot by allowing Trump in the ranks. Talk about "truth," huh? I guess we all agree on that truth! LOL!

    Oh and Les, sorry for that lateness (better late than never, right?) - GREAT POST!


  4. But come on, isn't it worth it in November 2012 to hear him say to Obama

    "You're fired!"

  5. Silver - I agree with your list, with the exception of Pawlenty. I would add Rep, Allan West to the list.

    JMJ - For once we actually agree. Well except for the part about him not being a joke after all. As bad as I believe Trump is Obama is at least as bad.

  6. dmarks - In this instance I would have to say... probably not.

    "The Donald" could just as easily have a D as an R after his name.

    In my opinion he is a fraud. Its as simple as that.

  7. Les, imagine if Trump planned this whole thing to take down the Republican nominee in the general election and then blame them for not picking him?

    Ayn Rand, man, Ayn Rand. ;)

    I doubt that's the plan, but it's an interesting thought, no?



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