Saturday, April 2, 2011

Romney... The Establishment Republican

by: Les Carpenter
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Here's Mitt! Mr. RHINO himself. Preparing to run on the Republican ticket for the job of POTUS in 2012. If RomneyCare {ObamaCare light} in and of itself isn't enough to push the ignore button on his guy there are certainly other issues to consider that combined with this should.

While in Las Vegas Mr. RHINO criticized the Presidents policy in the Middle East, He said the President hasn't been tough enough with Iran and the nations nuclear program and was surprised that Secretary Clinton referred to Syria's leader as a reformer.

Translation, another interventionist and nation builder in the mold of Bill Clinton, George W, Bush, and Barrack Hussein Obama.

Another indication of Mr. RHINO's position was his silence on Libya when questioned. IMHO his silence speaks volumes with respect to his position on nation building and military intervention. I guess Mr. RHINO, like the President {and the Presidents predecessor}feels such actions are the best policy and in the national interest.

We The People know differently.

of course Mr. RHINO, following his speech refused to take questions. Could kt be he was ill prepared? Or more likely could it be he is just waiting until the very last minute to see which way the political winds are blowing?

Residing in the Socialist Republic of Massachusetts I believe the later is the case.

While Mr. RHINO is a successful businessman he remains an establishment republican and such is just Obama light in his political philosophy.

The Conservative movement {Romney is no conservative} can do better. The nation can do better. Conservatives, don't settle for another RHINO McCain in 2012.

h/t LAS VEGAS Review Journal

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  1. I figured him out a couple of years ago, when he wanted to increase free trade with China. He is a globalist.

  2. Cue Creedence Clearwater Revival:

    "Bad Moon Rising".

    This will not end well. At all.

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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