Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rand Paul One Upping the President

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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h/t: Cubachi

Rand Paul is right, irrespective of the War Powers Act. What I find so glaring is the hypocrisy of the President. Note closely his statements when he was the candidates and his actions now that he is the President.

Altruistic, unconstitutional, and dangerous. A specter of future imperial presidencies?

You all decide. To me Rand Paul is sounding a whole lot more Presidential that the President himself.

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  1. What's your beef with "altruism" anyway?


  2. JMJ - ROFLMAO!!

    I believe there are many reference materials that when objectively read, with a rational sense of self, as well as rational self interest, explains precisely my beef.

    If you would like I can give you references. Not that you would read them once you open the cover.

  3. My Senator did a great job of rambling on and wasting time at the end. Nice Job, Lee.

  4. Altruism is just a term that Randians love to use to deny the reality that our country was established upon Puritanism....

    The opposite of Altruism is selfishness and yet the the Randians will talk about principles, values, duty, valor, service and all that crap and still wax poetic about altruism.

    Its just a sleezy way to justify not paying taxes and not being obligated to anyone or anything other than what you decide to be obligated for. Reality is its just a way to escape from the concept of "social contract" and then to deny the survival of the fittest that would result.

  5. TAO - Read 'The Virtue of Selfishness' and understand it. until then shut up.

    Or read 'Normative Ethics' by Tara Smith and understand it. Until then shut up.

    Your evasions and irrational ramblings TAO do great disservice to your otherwise natural intellect.

  6. TAO - Your ignorance of Randian principles is showing once again. As the ignorance of all modern progressives of Randian principles are constantly showing. It is the design of the altruist collectivist mentality you have all bought into for the past 100 years.

    So be it. Who gives a r*ts A**? John Galt is watching and waiting.

    The sleaziness is you altruistic collectivist evasions of reality and the truth. It is designed to control the mases you all extol as the highest virtue while denying the each their own individuality and intellectual clarity.

    Now, PLEASE go suck on the pacifier of your beloved statism.


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