Friday, April 8, 2011

James Madison... The Rights of People and Prperty

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Birthplace of Independent Conservatism

"It is sufficiently obvious, that persons and property are the two great subjects on
which Governments are to act; and that the rights of persons, and the rights of
property, are the objects, for the protection of which Government was instituted.
These rights cannot well be separated."
James Madison, Speech at the Virginia
Convention, 1829
Truer words have not been oft spoken. The rights of people, and by natural extension the rights of property should be sacrosanct. The most vital role of government in any free society is to insure the protection of these rights.

Unfortunately the government that was justly instituted over 220 years ago for the protection of these rights has, over the course of time, worked to in fact limit the rights of the individual and place ever increasing restrictions on property rights.

This trend is largely do to the altruistic collectivist mindset. A belief system that has steadily eroded the once fiercely proud and independent values of the American people.

It is time we revisit the foundations upon which this nation was built. And reject the modern altruistic collectivist belief system of slow death.

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