Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Anti-Obama TV Ad, "Barack Obama's Legacy of Failure"

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just saw (and grabbed) this video from Just a Conservative Girl's site, the first (of many to come down the pike) ads against the reelection of The One (brought to you by Tea Party Express):

I hate to beat this drum and sound so negative again but I must say that the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama would be a near impossibility if it were not for the outrageously weak GOP presidential field. If The One is reelected, I lay the blame squarely at the inept GOP leadership and the field at this point.

Will a true conservative leader emerge; one that the nation will rally around and be excited to support? We'll see but I highly doubt it and we all need to brace ourselves for it.

And for now, Obama's disastrous tenure and record of turning America into a third-tier banana republic is a moot point when the alternative from the "opposition" party is a no-show.

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  1. I fear that we will have a candidate whose main selling point is he is not BO. How well did that work against Bush?

  2. While some of this ad is hyperbole there is absolutely no question but what President Obama, if given a second term, will take the country full steam ahead down the altruist socialist road to third world stats. Not to mention the accompanying loss of the liberty we have always heretofore enjoyed.

    And I also hate to be so negative. However, the truth sometimes bears negative realities.

  3. I think we can count on the same darn fools voting for him a second time. The question will be whether we can field an opposition candidate DIFFERENT enough from Obama to even get conservative and middle-of-the-road voters to the polls.

  4. LCR,

    Again and again I hear the whiny-ness of how true conservatives pin all their hopes on the GOP to make a difference. It is tedious.

    If I say a third part conservative should challenge, I am shouted down by those who say a third party candidate could never win. Better to put a bad GOP bonehead into office than to consider a really real conservative without the chains of political bondage on their necks stepping into the White House.

    If I side with the GOP, I believe I can't win, either.

    What's the solution?

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  5. Donald, the solution just may be a viable third party. I am ready!

  6. LCR - I can only echo your statement!

    Perhaps even a 4'th party. No?


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