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Ayn Rand's Epic Novel Atlas Shrugged Out In Theaters April 5th

by: Les Carpenter
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Ayn Rand, the 20th century author, playwright, philosopher, and advocate for individualism, laissez faire capitalism, and a true life sustaining value system is now more relevant than ever.

In this time of unrestrained budget deficits and a steadily rising national debt, burdensome and damaging regulatory controls, an anti business and anti growth mentality, crony capitalism and government subsidies for businesses, a rising tide of altruism, unjustified and unethical military interventions into sovereign states that pose no threat to our national security... America needs more than ever a philosophy and ethics to guide her. Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism, provides just such a foundation.

Her works are consistent, non contradictory, rational, and if read with a truly open mind revealing as well as life changing. Admittedly her philosophy will not resonate with those having an altruistic collectivist mindset. It in fact scares them precisely because it requires they live on their own merits alone, and it requires you to live your life based upon your own rational self interests. Something many people find themselves unable to do.

For me to say more about the value, intellectual clarity, and honesty of this remarkable women will only serve to give the progressive/collectivists greater opportunity to call me, as well as other Objectivist world wide nothing more than cultists. So, rather than saying more {at this point anyway} following are two videos, h/t Reason TV. Perhaps they will peak your curiosity  in a way that if you haven't already found Rand they will give you the curiosity to do so.

The first talks about Ayn Rand's "long shelf life" while discussing her work and relevancy. The second is a short clip about the movie Atlas Shrugged. A movie based on Rand's epic novel. Atlas Shrugged, as I am sure many of you know, encapsulates Rand's political and economic philosophy. Part 1 of the movie will be out April 15th, tax day. Not just by coincidence you can be sure.


Atlas Shrugged theater locations  nearest you.

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  1. All ideologies put to the test of the "real" world get distorted, misused, and never end up being what they should have been.

    So would the philosophy and ideology of Rand, if they had ever become popular enough to be used in the "real" world of ideas and everyday usage, which they did not. Hence the "cultist" label.

    It's factual falacy to assume if they had, the world (America) would be a better place. We simply cannot say that, not knowing the outcome of her philosophy as being abused through everyday use as other idealogy has had to go through.

    We do not have systems as invisioned by Jefferson, or Hamilton, because their ideas have become so distorted through the reality of human use. There is no reason to think Rand's ideology would not suffer the same distortion, or what a product of her (unavoidable) distorted ideas would look like.

    Put it to the test, then what does it look like.

  2. I have no interest in seeing this movie. I'm glad Hollywood ended up not making it... because a big budget production with star power would have given more legitimacy to Ayn Rand's nonsense than it deserves. Wikipedia says "part 1" cost 10 million bucks. Unless the financers are willing to lose most of that I doubt parts 2 and 3 are going to be made. At least that is what I'm hoping happens.

    I like Elia Cmiral's "John Galt Theme", so I may be interested in purchasing a soundtrack CD if one is released... I collect film score CDs and have quite a few scores from bad movies. I don't let a bad movie stop me from enjoying a good score.

    I categorically reject any philosophy that posits "a rising tide of altruism" is a bad thing. Aside from a possible CD purchase I'm NOT going to be handing over any of my money to the people involved in bringing Ayn Rand's delusions to the big screen.

  3. Well, Dervish, you certainly make a good point. It's funny, really. First of all, Objectivism requires atheism. But atheism does not disqualify altruism. Yet it is mostly Christians who believe Rand's selfish nonsense. They are not only embracing the philosophy of an unethical atheist, but they are happilly embracing a immoral justification for greed, a completely anti-Christian, unethical, immoral, unAmerican, and specious agenda.

    It's just irony and hypocrisy upon irony and hypocrisy.


  4. Indeed. indeed, indeed...

    Each to their own.

    tick tock, tic tock, tic tock...

  5. I like that Graham Beckel is in it

  6. Oh, c'mon Les. Rand's worldview is the daydream of the bourgeoisie.

    And just how do you reconcile Christianity with Objectivism? Or civilization? Or history?

    "Tick tock," my butt. The wealthy can no more do without consumers than pimps without johns.

    And to the heart of the matter: Just how would we go about, realistically, with the American Constitution and modern politics at play, changing to such a radically different economic structure?

    Rand's assumption that all large demand de facto creates sound second-party private supply has no historical precedent, no evidence. Her only argument is her belief that there is no such a thing as altruism. According to her, people are only motivated by power, money, and sex.

    Not everything necessary is profitable, nor should it be. And life is roughly half luck and half what you make of it. Rand ignores these realities. She doesn't care about anyone but herself. I won't say here what I think of that.

    Look, I performed for many years, Les. I never "made it" but I was never in it for "making it" in the first place. Would I like to have "made it?" Honestly, I don't know. I think I'd be dead by now if I did, though I'm sure it would have been a blast.

    I never made much money at music, but I sure made more than a few bucks for bar owners over the years. I wasn't in it for power, money, or sex - I was in it because I loved music and performing. I get that chill up my spine, that rush, that special feeling, when I play a great song.

    When it came time to stop, I did it for altruistic love of something much greater than the admittedly great feeling of a good performance, of making people happy and getting them to like me. To this day, even when kids hear my music, they say I was fantastic, they always have, and yes, I was very good.

    Self interest? I don't know. You tell me. According to Rand, I made an anomalous decision.

    You see, I may not be the best person around, but I try to be a decent, stand-up guy. And I care about my fellow man, and all God's creations (it's just an expression, and a poetic one if you ask me, so don't bash me on that).

    I can't say the same for Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand seems to take the view, as I once sang in a libertarian-goofing song of mine, "And I'm well, and you can go to hell."

    I think you're much better a person than she.


  7. Okay Les. I'm here at your beckon. Now you and Whirling Dervish can both brag that you get more traffic than I do.

    And while I've made my views on Ayn Rand known many times so I won't start again here, I would sit through Part I with you if I ever get to your home state and you provide the fine wine and cigars.

    Lots of fine wine, please.

  8. JMJ - The fact that you have misunderstood as well as misrepresented Rand it typical, you are certainly not alone.

    That you do so is really, in the end, none of my concern. I have chosen my path based on rational self interest.

    Rational self interest I suppose is a difficult concept to fully grasp. It took me some time to fully understand just what it means. Once I did many things becane clearer.

    I thank you for your kind words as to me being a beter person than Rand. If that is so then rationally I must acknowledge having studied and understood Rand's philodophy and ethics I simply must have been a good student of her Objectivism.

  9. GCP - Deal. I'll provide the wine wine and cigars.

    And rest assured I will be drinking to Objectivism and life as it ought to be. Having said that I of course won't be imbibing of the spirits as readily as you probably! ;)

  10. w-dervish - you said...

    "Wikipedia says "part 1" cost 10 million bucks. Unless the financers are willing to lose most of that I doubt parts 2 and 3 are going to be made. At least that is what I'm hoping happens."

    Could it be you are hoping part 2 & 3 aren't made because you fear the more who grasp and understand Rand's Objectivist philosophy the more irrelevant modern lefties, and Neo cons will become. The more their altruistic self sacrificing ethos is exposed for what it really is the less power the left, and Neo con right will have.

    Rational self interest, operative word being RATIONAL, is in fact an ethical and moral basis on which to lead ones life.

  11. I saw what was purported to be a trailer for this movie. The production values were top notch, but the dialog and lines were really terrible, like it was hokey credit card or cable TV service commercial, instead of excerpts from an actual film.

    Perhaps it is fake:

    But if this is really it, this movie will be the next "Battlefield Earth".

    Jersey said: "Oh, c'mon Les. Rand's worldview is the daydream of the bourgeoisie."

    I know Rand. I'm actually not a fan. However, her views have nothing to do with bogus class divisions.


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