Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Attention: Rachel Maddow

1) Look, lady, I get it. The sole function of that show of yours is to eviscerate Republicans. You could even say that I agree with you on occasion. But, come on, don't you think that at some point during that long love-fest, er, I mean, interview, with Bill Maher, you could have brought up some of those rather inflammatory comments of his on Islam. I mean, you do in fact care about that subject, right?...You used to - you know, whenever a frigging conservative "does it"!............2) I've also noticed that you're touting, yet again, that "running deficits during a weak recovery is good" mantra. It never, EVER, gets stale, now does it? And, again, I do in fact get it here, Keynesian economics, yada yada. But, really, I also have to ask you, Ms. Maddow - $1,600,000,000 deficits....aren't ENOUGH stimulation? I mean, I know that it's all relative and all but, PLEASE!!!............3) And what about President Obama's flip-flops on Gitmo and Military tribunals? You don't seem to have a hell of a lot of interest in that "conversation" lately, either....Hm, what' up?

Editor's note: Rational Nation USA is pleased that WILL "TAKE NO PRISONERS" HART has agreed to join us as a contributor. He brings a serious no nonsense moderate perspective to the rough and tumble of political debate. Will blogs regularly at Contra O'Reilly. If you haven't already... check out his site, it has much to offer.


  1. Amen! Where is her criticism for the expansion of our wars?

  2. 1) Maher is known as a controversial comedian. He says things like that all the time. Did you ever see his film about Christianity?

    2) The deficits do not represent very much stimulus. Mostly they represent the failure of our government to raise enough money to pay our bills.

    3) I'm pretty sure Maddow has addressed this, but there's one thing about her show that uyou have to understand - she tends to buck the big hot-button issues of the day and rather looks for the news that's not being reported enough.


  3. Maddow reminds me of this smart ass woman I used to work with. When he/she came to work the whole decorum of the office changed and not in a good way.
    The favortism he/she got from his/her immediate supervisor went to his/her head but in the end when we were bought out he/she was one of the first to go(before the rest of us)lol!!!!
    Kind of the same satifaction I would have gotten had I smacked him/her upside the head.

  4. >controversial comedian

    You forgot the quotation marks around "comedian."

  5. Jersey, I don't mean to single out Ms. Maddow. She's hardly the only one who engages in selective outrage these days (O'Reilly is just as blatant - if not more so). She is, however, the one who's been pissing me off this week.


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