Sunday, March 27, 2011

England Gone Irrational

by: Les Carpenter
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The world is indeed upside down. The reliance on government to do everything for the people, even that which they ought to be doing for themselves, has become such a part of the modern English culture it has turned violent.

As can be seen in the following video clip the the once proud and reserved English have seemed to have lost their ability to reason. I guess once addicted to the candy store of Leviathan government and it's socialist handouts it is difficult to face a different and stark reality.

h/t The Telegraph:

Could the United States be next? Being somewhat a realist I would say there is a good possibility we will. Only time will tell.

More coverage on the uprising over governments budget cuts in Briton.

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  1. its already happening, les. all you need to do is see how the people are reacting to the idea of budget cuts in the States.

  2. Actually, they are acting rationally. Like here, Europe now has generations of beggars indoctrinated into the fantasy of entitlements and free stuff forever from an omnipotent, benevolent government.

    Yes, this is coming here. It's only a matter of time. People really are suffering, and we've got plenty of demagogues with gasoline and matches.

  3. Griper and Silver - Yes it is on it's way. I for one would like to believe the American experiment in rational government will prevail, without the need for modern violence.

    Sadly it likely will not.

  4. the problem that be here is unions. unions are the base of any progressive movement and socialism and we have State governments challenging unions now. plus we have the police seemingly backing up these union protests as seen in wisconsin. and unions are not averse to using violence in order to get their way.

  5. Griper - I essential agree with your premise.

    However, we should consider the REASONS that cause such upheavals and in so doing respond in a rational and reasoned manner.

    Should we not?

  6. the reason is the same world wide, les, when we talk about government, power. its the power to take something from others that doesn't belong to them in a legal manner that drives them. its the power to rule over the lives of others that drives them. you'll find this reason to be the common denominator of any form of government even those that the people approve of.

    this is the essense of the meaning when Geo. Washington declared that government was "force" regardless of whether you saw government as a servant of the people or the Master of the people.

    try to take power away from those in power and you'll get an irrational response and you cannot respond to irrationality in a rational and reasoned manner. for they'll only accept submission to their demands.

    that is what is happening in Europe as well as in Wisconsin and any other State trying to deal with their debt problems by reining in the unions.

  7. ...shaking my head in quite resignation...


    I fear this is our future. I do. Politics and government cannot save America. The die has been cast; the stone is now rolling downhill.

    It is simply no longer "if", but "when".



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