Friday, February 11, 2011

Rick Santelli on Morning Joe: Donald Trump for President?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Not exactly a ringing endorsement here but Santelli makes some valid points on the possible candidacy of Donald Trump in the 2012 presidential race:


“I think capitalism has done well for this country,” it’s created lots of jobs. We have a pretty high standard of living all things considered – even with some of the slowdowns. Yes, I think it would be interesting. I’m not sure he’s the exact person, but I think he has qualities with regard to leadership in an economy that’s struggling, I think he brings things to the table.”
I confess to having zero knowledge of Trump's personal and/or political baggage, his ability to stand up for limited government and the taxpayer or what his governing philosophy would end up being. I read a book a couple of years ago authored by Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, "Why we Want you to be Rich", he confronts the entitlement system in America with some pretty good ideas.

"Would he be a Michael Bloomberg-esque president? Scary thought. Or would he exhibit the shallowness, capitulation and leftist catering of a Schwarzenegger type pol? No thanks, I saw what that got California. On another note, it's pretty obvious that the lamestream press is pushing Mitt Romney as the "front-runner" at this point.

Does Donald have the money to run for president? I recall that he has gone bankrupt (more than once, I think), I wonder if he has access to the $ for self-financing a run? Send me any info you may have on the Donald or...You're Fired!

Hat-tip Daily Caller and x-posted.

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