Friday, February 4, 2011

Jihad.... Is America at Risk?

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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Description: The image centers on crossed swords with a green Koran between them. The Koran bears the legend, "The Generous Koran." To the right and left of the swords, the Arabic translates as: "The Muslim Brotherhood." The Arabic below the swords says "Be prepared." 

Explanation: The swords reinforce the group's militancy and, as traditional weapons, symbolize historic Islam. They also reinforce the group's commitment to jihad. The Koran denotes the group's spiritual foundation. The motto, "Be prepared," is a reference to a Koranic verse that talks of preparing to fight the enemies of God. 

The reference to "the enemies of God {Allah} of course means all non believers in Islam.  IE: Infidels. (Emphasis mine)

During my recent late night and continuing  research on Islam, more specifically the history of  TMB {The Muslim Brotherhood} I came across a site entitled Winds of Jihad. The author of the article is knowledgeable and presents information that is factual rather than opinion. At least that is how I see it.

The article is rather lengthly in addition to being well written and factual. In the interest of space and time I will offer only a short excerpt from the conclusion of the article here on the pages of  RN USA. I would encourage all, after reading the conclusion to find the time to follow the link provided and read the article in its entirety.

The enormous difference between ideas of equality and fairness that separate the Islamic world and the West are so colossal it defies easy explanation. In fact, we must study Islam in pieces to really understand the whole. This matters, because—before long—each big US city will undoubtedly have Muslims similar to Rauf seeking to influence policies and get involved in political life, and put the imprint of Muhammad upon all they touch.

Unless we understand the grave differences between the two world views, representing not just rules, but also principles and values, we will be at severe disadvantage in defending our ancestral freedoms against incursion of foreign belief. This matters because Islam has always been a missionary religion, propagated by force and invasion. If we don’t understand its virulence and fatalistic determination, and that there is no alternative peaceful view in traditional Islam, great and quick may be our fall.
Please find the entire article at Winds of Jihad.

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