Friday, February 11, 2011

Do Words From the Past Matter?.... Should They?

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Birthplace of Independent Conservatism

"My ardent desire is, and my aim has been ... to comply strictly with all our
engagements foreign and domestic; but to keep the United States free from political
connections with every other Country. To see that they may be independent of all,
and under the influence of none. In a word, I want an American character, that the
powers of Europe may be convinced we act for ourselves and not for others; this, in
my judgment, is the only way to be respected abroad and happy at home." --George
Washington, letter to Patrick Henry, 1775

Times do change. It is true the realities of modern life are vastly different than those of 1775, or even 1950. Technology and the explosion in knowledge, all of which was made possible by, and began in an earlier era known as The Enlightenment, has given us the modern world me live in. A world as fascinating as it is challenging. And, unfortunately, a very dangerous one.

It is the belief of many that while times change, and the realities of life change with them, certain principles remain, or should remain the bedrock principles upon which this Nation was founded. Because our nation has taken it's focus off principles that made it prosperous and respected we now face the reality of declining influence.

I believe the words written by George Washington to Patrick Henry in 1775 encapsulate just such bedrock principles. While the words are few they carry a wealth of understanding and knowledge. Perhaps it is time our people, the representatives of the people, and those making policy derisions on behalf of the people again tune in to principles that are sound and once made up the bedrock of our American Republic.

Just saying.

What be your thoughts?

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