Thursday, February 10, 2011

Backmann Overdrive

by: Les Carpenter
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As Michelle Backmann so accurately stated, "As important as these distressing economic concerns are, we would be wise to recall that there are other threats that loom as well," Bachmann said, urging the crowd to "not forget that for our conservative coalition to be victorious in 2012, it will take every one of us and then some, pulling together to bring together the three legs of the conservative stool." These words are among her most intelligent.

She went on, "We cannot shun each other in 2012," she said. "The structural integrity and the political appeal is not only rooted in this fiscal discipline but the social values and the philosophy of peace through strength." More words that carry intelligent thought and perhaps even a bit of wisdom.

I wish she would have left it at that. Rather than sticking to a  wining theme she sunk to the following, "We have seen President Obama usher in socialism under his watch over the last two years." This statement  is pandering, it lacks truth, and anyone who has a sense of history knows it.

Point one.... Obama did not usher in socialism
Point two.... Our first really socialist  (progressive) President was Theodore Roosevelt
Point three.... Progressive socialism got a big boost by Franklin Delano Roosevelt with his New Deal and the SSA.
Point four.... Then came along Lyndon Baines Johnson and his Great Society with Medicare and Medicaid.
Point five.... Then came along George W. Bush and gave us the biggest restructuring and growth of government since FDR. And he gave us "compassionate  conservative." IE: Socialism Light.

So, if one is going to comment on, or discuss the ushering in of socialism in this nation, then at least do it honestly. That I can respect. Pandering to ones perceived base with what is a blatant falsehood only serves to fire up the emotions rather than engage the intellect. Perhaps a reason why neither Backmann nor Palin could or should be considered as viable candidates for the highest office in the land.

Having made the above statement at the risk of upsetting some conservatives I will say this as well. Obama is a committed socialist. He has, through his writings, his associations, and his words left little doubt as to which political and philosophical foundation he bases his beliefs on. In my opinion he is a man who believes so highly in himself and his core socialist ideals that be has, and will continue to move the country further towards, and deeper into, European socialism.

The debate must continue. Libertarians, conservatives, and independent conservatives that place a value on Capitalism {my personal favorite is laissez faire capitalism} must continue the discussions, indeed the fight {for you liberals who need clarification the word "Fight" is meant rhetorically only} to preserve it. Lets just strive to speak accurately and resolve to fully understand the depth of the issue and the obvious difficulty we face given the fabric of socialism has been woven into our culture for over one hundred years. Obama did not "usher socialism in under his watch over the last two years." Anyone who would utter this, let alone believe it, does not deserve serious consideration to sit in the Oval office any more than the current person sitting in it.

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  1. >Obama did not "usher socialism in under his watch over the last two years."

    The way I usually explain it is that Bush got off a bicycle that was headed toward a cliff, then Obama got on and started pedaling harder. The bicycle was already steadily on course toward a fatal end, but Obama accelerated the rush to our demise.

  2. And as a student of history I might begin the narrative....

    Teddy purchased the bike {with training wheels}, did the initial yest run, and almost every President since has been peddling it closer to the abyss.

    Bush merely stopped for a recalculation before turning the power over to Obama.

    So, lets all have a drink and celebrate that renowned and heralded "collective" effort.

    Sad, oh so sad.

  3. to take it one step further, we need to go back to Lincoln. he would be the one that built the bycycle.

    for socialism to take hold requires a strong centralized government to impose socialized programs on a people. and that was the result of the civil war.

  4. The Griper,

    You said:
    "for socialism to take hold requires a strong centralized government to impose socialized programs on a people. and that was the result of the civil war."

    Hmm. I hadn't considered it in that light before. You have inadvertently given me much to ponder and research.

  5. Griper - You have once again reminded me of a valid position. One I actually argued long ago. That Lincoln the first bonafide "statist" our republic put into national office.

  6. mmm let me know what was the results of your research


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