Sunday, January 9, 2011

America Weeps with Arizona

By: Pamela D. Hart

The power of the press has never been more prominent than it is now with cell phones and texting, Twitter, Facebook, and yes, even blogging. We can get our news instantaneously, 24/7. Devastating news, like the shooting yesterday in Tucson, Arizona of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and at least a dozen others, leaving a 9 year old child dead, has spread through the waves in short order.

Along with the devastating news, we have political pundits and their predictions without facts. The gunman, Jared Lee Laughner, was a right-wing loon who listened to talk-radio; he was a Palin follower who saw her map with the bull’s eyes and decided to take violent action; and of course, any time there is a shooting spree, we must repeal the second amendment, or at least have stricter gun control laws, because guns kill!

I suppose it’s only natural for people to assume this is political in nature considering a politician has been shot and now lies in ICU. I also assume it’s normal for people to jump to conclusions considering six people died yesterday, one being an innocent 9 year old girl, Christina Taylor Green, which leaves most people emotionally distressed. And for many, when emotions are running high, it doesn’t leave much room for rationale or logic.

We’ve also been in a highly charged political climate of late with our elected officials bickering and telling us that the other side is the “enemy” (and shame on them for using such rhetoric), or the “opposition” is bad, evil in some cases, so is it any wonder the American people look upon anyone with a differing opinion as the adversary? Is it any wonder people suspect any type of violence upon a politician as a Right-wing conspiracy when it is common knowledge that the Right is known for its belief in smaller government? But is that a good enough reason to blame someone else rather than the lunatic who actually committed the murder? Or in this case, the Domestic Terrorism?

I realize it’s easy to cast blame on O’Reilly, Beck, Limbaugh and Palin. After all, they are public figures who monopolize our airwaves and a lot of people take what they say as gospel, never once questioning their words or researching on their own what these public figures say. But to blame these people for the actions of others is taking it a bit far, in my opinion. That’s like saying a gun killed, when in fact, it was the person holding the gun who did the actual killing. Oh, yes, I know, O’Reilly, Beck, Palin, et al. promote violence with their WORDS—but do they, REALLY? Or are they only voicing THEIR beliefs, which don’t mesh with everyone, therefore vilifying them with those that don’t agree, or even hate them? What will happen if one day someone from the Left shoots and kills one of THEM? Will the Right then come out and blame the Left for promoting violence? It will be a no -win situation with a bunch of dead people. Violence and hatred only beget violence and hatred.

So, WHO is the REAL villain? The Right? The Left? The Government? The Public? Or this Jared Lee Loughner, a disturbed individual who decided one day to go on a shooting spree because he is a lunatic and killing six people and injuring a dozen more fit into his fanatical agenda?

I’ll NEVER understand Loughner and his ilk. Nor do I want to. I don’t want to know what’s going on in the mind of a killer. I only know I never want to be in a situation where I have to make a split second decision that could save me from a bullet. And if I do, I hope I’m fast enough.

My heart goes out to the families of the injured and the deceased of this horrific tragedy. May Gabrielle Giffords survive and fully recover. May sweet Christina Taylor Green rest in peace and may her parents one day find solace. And may we, as a country, find our compassion, dignity, and common sense.


  1. My Lord the title is over-blown?

    What of all the senseless murders EVERYDAY? War?

    Am I saddened by these recent events? YES!

    But to title this as America weeps? I know not of where this "Pamela" resides but I am just North of Detroit and Arizona is just North of Mexico, this is everyday occurrence.

    Why suddenly we "weep" when a judge or politician gets some of the real world? Do I "weep"? Yes, for little one and the innocent.

    The former make real life decisions that affect us all including letting nuts walk the streets as is the case here.

    You and I have to live by real life decisions we make in our lives and households come hell or high water right? And just what are those decisions based upon? Politicians and judges.

    I do not advocate violence but rather education, a real education. I do not support the shooter here, no death penalty must prevail.

    You really want to weep, then take a look at what got us to this point yet again and I need not say it here as it should be obvious.

  2. I too know America is shocked as well as saddened by the horrific violence perpetrated by one lone psychotic and immensely deranged individual. And I am equally sure that Americans in some measure shed tears for the innocent victims of this heinous crime.

    The real world is of our own irrational making. Made, as it is, by otherwise good and ethical people over many years of allowing our system and values to become corrupted by politicians, businessmen, and national leaders who did not keep their eyes on what is/was right, but rather what is/was expedient, would garner votes or favors.

    Vitriol... look around you. It is thick on both sides of the political aisle. We now will experience I fear new assaults on our rights of free speech. The news media as well as political pundits will continue, as is being demonstrated now and particularly by the left, the perverse rush to gain political one up man-ship.

    It is, in this independent conservatives mind, disgusting, irrational, and sad.

  3. Sad I agree, but weeping is for the families, fighting the wrongs of society is our duty.

    How do we do this? Well certainly not by weeping but by fighting justly and ideologically.

    This goes right to the halls of congress, they to "show" weeping but will forge ahead to restricting our rights!

    No, unless you are family no time to weep as it is in Gods' hand's. Time to end socialism once and for all!

  4. Why do you guys keep saying "innocent victims?" Are you suggesting their may have been 'guilty victims???'

    And who the hell is threatening your rights? This country is no more or less "socialistic" than it was 40 years ago. What the hell are you talking about? And out of one side of your mouths is a call for a greater police state and out of the other is a call for more mommy state.

    Face it, "mommy" and "daddy" states seem essentially the same. Either way, you're trading rights for perceived security. You guys forget that a sizable number of Americans prefer the mommy state to the daddy state.

    But the one institution you guys adore the most is the most dangerous to our nation. Daddy States don't live as long as Mommy States for a good reason - they spend too much on the police and military, and give them too much power.

    If we truly want to be a free people we have to look at real aspects of our day to day lives and see how we can enjoy them more in a great society where our neighbor is free to do the same.

    By "real aspects" I mean things that truly effect us every day. Most of the news out of Washington these days is pure, unadulterated, trifling b@!!$#!t. The things that get people riled up these days just insult my intelligence. I feel ashamed when I watch some 'serious adult discourse,' like in the House or Senate, or news shows, or the papers, and the actual level of discourse is like grade school debate class. We are becoming a stupid people.

    We do not need a massive military empire. It is not necessary. We certainly do not need a massive police state. It's a sick joke that yeo million Americans are perpetually behind bars. Millions and millions of American lives have been ruined because of the police state and libertarians will fight for hours over whether a flat tax is preferable to a sales tax. It's just stupid.

    Get your priorities straight! We have a lot more in common than you think!


  5. Christopher: Such drama over a blog title. No wonder you missed the essence of my post.

    Weeping is for anyone with compassion.
    Fighting is for anyone with courage.

    Have a good day, sir.

  6. Ever fight and weep? I think we all have.



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