Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Ryan and Bachmann Rebuttals

by: Les Carpenter
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The double barrel response to the Presidents SOTU address. First the official Republican response given by Rep. Paul Ryan followed by Tea Party favorite Rep. Michelle Bachmann.

Due to a technical nature of sorts you will notice Rep. Bachmann is continually looking to her right, your left. No small matter as it was picked up and commented on by Obama adviser David Axelrod. While mildly distracting it does not take away from her message.

There are some who believe the airing of both Paul Ryan's and Michelle Bachmann's comments tend to muddle the rebuttal message and even makes Republicans appear conflicted.

My thoughts are both responses highlight valid concerns with the President's agenda and vision as to how best right our ship. While the rebuttals are not long on specifics neither was the SOTU address by the President. But thinking about it the purpose of is not to be specific, but rather to arouse positive feelings and rally people to the "cause" is it not?

What say you?

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