Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We Want to Govern Ourselves

Barack Obama and the Democrats:  Too Extreme for America

Thank you President Obama and Speaker Pelosi for showing us what unwashed socialism looks like.  We experienced the Cass Sunstein buggering nudgery, The Van Jones enviro-ripoff and the Plouffian palaver, and we don't like it.  We have spit you out like a wasted wad of gum.  It tasted sweet at first, but now it's just bitter, rubbery goo... 

Had this pointy-headed band of collectivists not shamelessly ripped off the moderate mask that hid their true colors, we would still be arguing over just how much more government money and intervention we need.

Instead they are a spent force, ideologically, intellectually, morally, electorially.  Obama's "enemies" have punished him.  Harry Reid survives, but Obama and the Pelosicrats are discredited, dyspeptic, dishonored, just plain dissed....  

¡Viva La Reconquista!
We are now the insurrectionists, my fellow libertarians and conservatives, clamoring to tear it all down, man!  Give us back our incandescent lighbulbs!
To the socialists of all parties
-- F.A Hayek, The Road To Serfdom
Don't get too smug, Republican politicians.  We remember what happened last time, and we've got our eye on you.  We don't love Republicans, we love liberty.  We don't hate Democrats, we hate statism!

A Free People Aspire to Self-Governance
This vote was not just a crushing defeat for liberal democrats. It was anti-statist fusillade aimed at the blundering bureaucratic dreadnought that both parties have used to attack the frontiers of freedom.
  • 61% of voters believed cutting spending would create more jobs than the president's plan
  • 53% want to repeal the health care bill
Here’s the money quote:
Elected politicians also should leave their ideological baggage behind because voters don't want to be governed from the left, the right, or even the center. They want someone in Washington who understands that the American people want to govern themselves  (WSJ Online - Scott Rasmussen)
Do we still know how to govern ourselves?  Will the Republicans give us a chance to find out?

Don't let the crown sit too easily upon your heads, GOP!  The tea parties have just begun to fight.


  1. "Do we still know how to govern ourselves?"

    good question, my friend. do we even want the responsibility that liberty brings anymore? do the people know the meaning of self-government?

  2. Check out any one of a number of leftist progressive collectivist sites and the answer to the question "do the people know the meaning of self-government?" is answered.

  3. Griper: I see we're on the same page...

    Good point, Less. Many cannot even govern their volatile and unstable emotions.


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