Sunday, November 14, 2010

The War Has Just Begun

By Bastiatarian

The Republican Party has won control of the House of Representatives and has gained seats in the Senate. Many of the winners are more conservative than the wishy-washy Republicans that we have seen for quite some time. It wasn't perfect, but it was clearly a victory for the forces of liberty.

But it merely a small step forward. Even if the winners are more conservative than some other Republicans, and clearly support liberty more than the Democrats, they're still not fully behind the principles of the Constitution, and they still support many of the major elements of socialism that have been destroying our liberty and our nation.

How many of the Republican winners support the fact that the only legitimate role of government is to protect our rights to our lives, liberty, and property, and that anything more than that is a step toward tyranny? How many of them are dedicated to relieving us of the slavery of taxation that finances a multitude of social engineering schemes? How many of them will fight without compromise to eliminate federal meddling in education, health care, the arts, and the economy?

Very few. They'll leave Socialist Security in place, Meddlecare in place, the Department of Miseducation in place, the National Endowment for Amorality in place. They might want to oppress you less than the Democrats do, but for the most part, they're still fine with oppressing you if it means votes and the continuation of government schemes that are emotionally satisfying.

When you have treatable cancer, you don't just go in and take out a little bit of the cancer. You eradicate the cancer and do everything you can to prevent it from coming back at all.

Our job isn't done, and the war isn't over, until there isn't a single person left in government, at any level, who is willing to allow government to cross that absolute line of the right to life, liberty, and property.


  1. So true, Bastiatarian.

    We have only begun to fight. Going broke may end up being a blessing in disguise. When no one will lend us money anymore, the feral government will have no choice but to slash programs.

    I love your monikers for the various government departments, btw :)

  2. Good post, Bastiatarian! "Feral government" - I like that expression, Silverfiddle.

  3. Bastiatarian,

    I shan't lie- this post of yours, coupled with the awesome quote from Les, have both truly inspired me.

    The GOP has the chance to truly represent a REPUBLIC, but will they? Will they be willing to sacrifice their personal and establishment agendas for the greater good of our Nation?

    Here's hoping, to be sure. But I also ain't holdin' my breath, either.

    Donald in Bethel


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