Monday, November 1, 2010

Tomorrow... Opportunity Awaits

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Tuesday November 2, 2010. Election day... A day when this nation has the opportunity to once again make it's voice heard.

Our founding fathers with all their intellectual brilliance insured that the voice of the PEOPLE of this nation would be heard every two years. The power of the ballot box, gained by the valor and blood of American patriots should not be taken lightly.

The dismal voter turnout of the American people in this day and age defies all logic. The right, and the privilege to elect our representatives can only be sustained by the active involvement of the American electorate.

November 2, 2010 is shaping up to possibly be a pivotal year in our nation's history. It has the potential to either be a year of significant and fundamental change in the direction of the past 20 years, or be just another day in which the established power structure in Washington has its day again.

The choice is with you the people. To change the course of this nation, and indeed history itself requires those who desire and cherish liberty to get out and vote. Not vote a party line. Not vote the conventional wisdom of the pundits. Not vote the drumbeat of any particular ideology. Rather it requires thinking people to vote their conscience.

The Constitutional Convention was not unlike the times we live in today. Passionate and patriotic people of differing ideas came together and created perhaps the greatest document in the history of governance. Ideological differences were every bit as pronounced then as they are today. The stakes were every bit as high as they are they are right now.

The difference between then and now... The founders had the wisdom and ability to craft a workable compromise based on sound rational principles, and in the process insure 234 years later we still have the right to govern ourselves.

It is just my opinion but neither the elected officials nor the general population posses the wisdom and love of liberty that our founders did. For if they did surely the voter turnout would be in the 90 percentile rather than the dismal turnout we have seen over the past 40 years.

The vote is still yours people. Use it or lose it. The choice is yours. Regardless of your political leanings please please get out and vote tomorrow, November 2, 2010. History is waiting!


  1. Is it possible to change the course of this Nation for the good? Can Americans really make a difference? Will Washington DC be brought under the thumb of the American majority vote and remember just who it is they work for?

    I hope so. I really do.

    There's just something about this Election Day tomorrow that makes it seem like it is going to be one of the most important elections ever.

    I'd like to think that as Americans we have finally grown tired of being poked with the stick of America-hating progressive Socialism, and the sleeping giant has awoken.

    I have a 12 pack of Pepsi, some popcorn, some tortilla chips with salsa, and I am looking forward to following every single minute of the FOX News election coverage tomorrow night.

    I am sure I will see all of you there in spirit.

    Long Live the Republic.

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  2. Les,

    Not for nothing, but earlier today I posted a little encouragement to get folks out tomorrow to vote, and it has shot through the roof! It has, so far, 230 hits. LINK:

    I figure this is simply because people ARE indeed mobilizing to actually VOTE, and this is good. Very good.

    I'm sure I'll be commenting here tomorrow night, after the smoke clears. And I sincerely doubt I shall be getting much sleep tonight or tomorrow night! I am truly that pumped right now!

    I'll see you on the other side!
    Long Live the Republic.

    Donald in Bethel

  3. Les, here's some fun news:

    So, in Bridgeport, CT, apparently they have RUN OUT of ballots. There are 63K registered voters for Bridgeport, but only 21K ballots were printed. People are still waiting to VOTE. (It's 9:35 pm right now) They have called Dick Blumenthal as the winner against McMahon, buuuuut, how can they, since not all of CT has voted?

    Only in CT, I swear...

    Donald in Bethel, CT

  4. Not one to gloat, probably because there is nothing to gloat about.

    The oppurtunity has once again been given to the Republicans/Conservatives/(TeaPartiers) to govern. So go forth and govern responsibly and with principles in mind.

    It won't be easy... the challenges will be immense, and the progressives have already (as expected) began to weigh in and spin what the 2010 election really means, or doesn't mean. And they are already strategizing on how to reverse the 2010 results in 2012. Politics has become a game. And the game is to win... on both sides of the political aisle.

    Fact is there is some truth in some of what the progressives say with respect to Republicans/Conservatives. Republican/Conservatives have blown chances in the past largely because they failed to govern based on real and fundemental principals of republican governance. Principles that do not and should not change.

    Circumstances change, conditions change, events unforseen often alter the most painstakingly laid plans. Fundamental principles do not change. At least they shouldn't.

    So, oppurtunity is there. The nation needs to witness responsible and principled leadership. The nation needs to see it's leaders come together, take the best from all thought processes and forge a bipartisan unity to build this nation once again.

    It would do Congress and the Executive Branch justice if they look at history, particularly the Constitutional Convention, and studied the reality that out of great differences and heated exchanges an enlightened group of truly great men were able to produce perhaps the greatest governing doctument in the history of mankind.

    They were able to do so because they remained true to the basic unifying principles for which America became a free and independent nation.

    Stay true to the fundemental principles newly elected Congress, and work Together to find the best solution to build this nation again.

    Wether Republican, Democrat, progressive, conservative, libertarian, religous, atheist, or disinterested, we are all Americans.

    Americans are generally passionate people. We generally don't like being told how to live our lives. And until perhaps the past 75 years have been fiercely independant.

    We need some independance, hard work, and principled leadership from Congress and the President.

    It remains to be seen it they have any of the stuff those who founded our ation had.

    Based on recent history it ain't looking to good.


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