Friday, November 5, 2010

November 2 Election Fallout: Ron Paul in Charge of Federal Reserve Oversite

by the Left Coast Rebel

This is for all of you "big-L" libertarians that think that there is no difference between the parties and the November 2 House cleaning means nothing to the future of the nation:

(Washington Examiner) And now, after Nov. 2, you’ll find that Ron Paul is actually in charge of Federal Reserve oversight:

Paul is the ranking member of the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology on the Financial Services , which oversees the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Mint and American involvement with international development groups like the World Bank. Unless someone bumps him, he's next in line for the subcommittee gavel.

The Federal Reserve has enjoyed casual oversight while Congressman Barney Frank served as chairman of the Monetary Policy subcommittee. That is about to change.

Ron Paul has spent his tenure in politics pushing vehemently for a Federal Reserve audit. Paul has been particularly forceful in asking that the Fed reveal where the government is actually spending TARP funds.

God bless Ron Paul and Godspeed with his efforts to audit the "Dirty Fed" as my San Diego econo-buddy W.C. Varones would say.

Updated: Video of Ron Paul on Fox Business discussing possible cooperative "End the Fed" work between him and Senator-elect Rand Paul:

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  1. Thank God, Thank God, we may be free at last!

  2. I'm SO friggin' glad!! We need to encourage the House to make him Speaker too!

  3. I think the gears are in motion, but the judge is right we will have to wait until 2012 before it happens.

  4. Olbermann suspended off MSNBC, Pelosi ready to bite the big one and lose her power, and Ron Paul is given oversight to The Fed? Holy crap, Batman! It's like Christmas around here!!

    Next thing you'll tell me is Reagan has come back from the dead and wants to have a sit down with the leaders/dictators of North Korea, China, and our favorite Islamic terrorist, Osama bin-Laden. Behind closed doors. With soundproof walls. Oh, and Chuck Norris is also invited.

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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