Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Non News Item of the Day

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Here I go. I suppose I could become exceedingly upset over this image to my left. But I have just made a conscience decision to not let it bother me. You see I will simply no longer allow myself to be distracted by,  for the lack of a better phrase, meaningless bulls*it. I refuse to be distracted by what amounts to nothing other than... well just more distraction.

I suppose that for those who live in constant fear of all things remotely Muslim the image to my immediate left will strike at the heart and soul of everything Christian. You'll have to forgive me for I just don't see it.

In fact what I see is just a half Crescent Moon (the Muslim symbol) overshadowed by a full American flag and some clouds. What this image signifies to me is merely a couple basic truths and no more. Certainly nothing to get all worked up about.

The first truth is that America, with  her values and principles by far overshadows the repressive seventh century values of a despotic and cruel so called prophet named Muhammad.

The second truth is simply that America, if it remains true to it's principles and values has nothing to fear from a religious doctrine that is 1400 years out of touch with the modern world.

So I simply pass it off for the animal poop that it really  represents. America is by far better than the bat sh*t of extremist Islam. The picture above and to my left therefore represents American moral superiority as well as strength.

I guess I have already spent by far too much time on this supposed "news" item. So lets lust all go have a drink, a fine cigar, and enjoy the corrupting influence of a casino and a few voluptuous women!

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  1. I would disagree about not fearing a religion that is 1400 yrs. old. I've lived in countries where Islam came in & terrorism immediately started happening (Burma per example).


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