Saturday, November 6, 2010

Can Obama the Ideologue Compromise?

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Barrack Hussein Obama has been in office for nearly two years. During this time the Chief Executive Officer of the nation has shown little if any inclination to compromise.

He is an ideologue, not a pragmatist. Certainly he sees himself as the Saviour in Chief and any deviation from his agenda will likely be considered intolerable by him. He certainly is no Bill Clinton, a president who was insightful  and deft enough to actually make some of the Republican's agenda, such as welfare reform his own in 1996. Obama is no Bill Clinton.

Obama wants to extend and make permanent the Bush era tax cuts for those making $250,000 a year or less and end the cuts for those earning over that amount. Republicans and conservatives are in favor of extending the cuts across the board. Congress must act before January 1st or the cuts expire.

Here is what the President said:

Obama noted the importance of extending the tax cuts in the lame-duck session, but focused the address on digging in against the full extension sought by Republicans and some Democrats.

"If Congress doesn’t act by New Year’s Eve, middle-class families will see their taxes go up starting on New Year’s Day," he warned.

Again America losses, the message is clear. Either we extend the tax credits as I see fit or the entirety of the nation will see their taxes go up.

Bravo mister Chief Executive, sure looks like you are in the compromising mood.

It's going to be another very long two years I fear. Neither side is apparently capable of finding solutions to some very major problems.

Compromise is a two way street. Sometimes it must begin with the leader. Are you up to the challenge Mr. President?

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  1. Les: I have a feeling there will be a lot of gridlock in the next 2 years, which might be a good thing--maybe there won't be a lot of spending!

    And you're right, Obama is no Clinton. Clinton knew he had to govern from the Center if he wanted to get re-elected, which he did and he was. Obama doesn't look at things that way. He kind of reminds me of a spoiled child--it's going to be his way or he'll pack up his toys and go home. I've tried to "see" him as a leader, but it hasn't happened, and I guess that's because, truth be told, he is not a leader. Leaders have a nature ability, Obama doesn't have that. I'm not trying to be mean, just my observation.

  2. Pam - I feel much as you do. Unfortunately for all of Obama's intellect he is lacking in that which makes a great leader. WISDOM.

  3. Just a conservative girl - Directly put. I admire that!

  4. I considered Clinton as basically worthless, but mostly harmless, economically speaking. Obama is worse than worthless, and definitely NOT harmless. At least Clinton was likeable.

  5. Isn't the idea of being an ideologue contrary to being a person who would compromise for the greater good?

    Bluntly speaking, I could care less about Obama these days. We all know the true power rests in Congress. Obama is just the focal point of the ass-kissing mainstream media and the darling of the liberals who suffer from 'white guilt'.

    Two words for our president: Lame duck.

    2010 will be very interesting, indeed. I have heard rumors, as I'm sure you have as well, that the Dems will not put their strength behind Obama in 2010, but will instead put someone else as their front-runner. Rumors, nothing more. I have no concrete proof. But it does make one wonder...

    Obama has run his course. His air of superiority and mystery is old and stale. The Dems know he has served his purpose and has failed. The left is realizing Obama wasn't the One they wanted.

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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