Saturday, October 16, 2010

Words from a True Patriotic American

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

It is indeed an honor, as well as a pleasure to receive occasional letters and heartfelt sentiments from one of Rational Nation's loyal readers. The following words were obviously written by someone who has been around awhile and loves their country and what it has always stood for. I thank this individual for sharing their thoughts and enticement to get out and vote on November 2, 2010.
No we haven’t gone too far to turn back but that will lie on the backs of our kids and grandchildren more than us. We can help if all of us old fogy’s get out and start the turn around in November.
However when you go to stores and hear mostly Spanish while food and clothes are being bought with welfare money coming from your pay check it is worrisome. When you dial the phone and hear “Spanish or English” or you are answered by someone in India or someone who can’t speak proper English you wonder. When you hear politicians plead for more for those who take but don’t give and then raise their own salaries yet keep those of us who worked all our live and never took a hand out with a ZERO increase it’s confusing.
When we can be prosecuted for harming an animal or trample on some sea grass at the shore or hurt a bald eagle, etc., but are allowed to freely kill a baby in the womb the question is where have our senses gone – where have our morals gone? Don’t get me wrong harming anything is not right but doesn't the preceding sentence indicate a lack of something in our mental process
In the fifties it was a shocking decision when they allowed Lucy to carry on with her show ‘I Love Lucy’ while pregnant, however they could not say the word “pregnant”. Turn on any TV show today and the first requirement for the creation of a baby is shown at every push of the remote. Language not allowed in many homes even today is common place in movies, series shows, some game shows and often on newscasts. Howard Stern and others make millions because we are willing to laugh at private things turned into public filth.
I do not know if it will work but a start may be to get out and vote. Yes vote! Vote out of office all of the incumbents, good and bad, and let a new generation take over. My departed wife and I, Bless her soul, started voting out the incumbent 20 years ago. If we all do that maybe things will change.
This is a Republic so we must listen to the majority but protect the minority. But protecting anyone does not mean giving them everything with no responsibility on their part. None of us were born with a guarantee stamped on our forehead. Few if any Americans moved to another country either legally or illegally to have a better life on the backs of those who worked hard to make such a life possible.
Change certainly has come to our Great Nation but it hasn’t all been with President Obama. It has been slow and insidious... but it has come. No one can say when it started precisely, but it started and now those of us who would like to turn it around are criticized and belittled.
Unless we act soon it will only get worse. So get out and vote, encourage others to vote as well. And pray to whatever, or whoever your personal God is, but whatever we do let’s get out and VOTE!
While this "independent conservative" may not agree in total with my readers viewpoint I can safely say I am in 100% agreement with their position to vote out all the incumbents.

It is time for a sea change. The reader of RN USA who penned the words above has said it well. I could not agree more! The time for cataclysmic change is now in 2010. And again in 2012.

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  1. WOW, Les! That was truly inspirational! I salute the author for a heart-felt message, because that is where I actually felt MY heart!

    I agree 100% that ALL incumbents need to be OUSTED, so, in theme with this message, GET OUT AND VOTE!

    Yes, I practice what I preach, I will be at the polls November 2nd! My son's 18th birthday! He'll finally be able to vote!!

    P.S. Are you sure it was a "reader" and not fan mail! :)

  2. So let me get this straight. Folks like you and the person who wrote the letter think we should reward the rare handful in congress (and elsewhere) who voted right, by booting them out along with all the ones who voted wrong. If that's the reward for doing right, why should ANY of them do right? That philosophy is nothing but a recipe for causing decent people not to run in the first place, and for more sleeze-balls than ever to get everything they can while they're in office. Furthermore, what's the point in educating ourselves about the candidates if we aren't going to use what we learn? (Just for the record, I AM in favor of reasonable term limits.)

  3. Gorges...

    Lacking term limits the choice is to boot em out.

    Do it once and perhaps the message might get through.

  4. Pam - I sure it was a reader. Whether it was "fan mail" is questionable.

  5. George: I think right now many of us are just sick and tired of--career politicians, and having so few doing the right thing so little of the time, etc. It's about time WE send a LOUD message as to whom the bosses really are!

    I'm in favor of term limits, too.


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