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Liberty versus the Tyranny of the Majority

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by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

The opposite of tyranny is of course liberty. The vision that quickly comes to mind when I think of tyranny are the historical figures that ruled the societies they lead with an iron fist. Individual tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and etc. are the first that come to mind, although the list is very long going back to antiquity. Throughout most of human history tyranny rather than liberty has been the norm.

There is however another form of tyranny that is the most dangerous, yet has been clocked in a vague, warm-and -fuzzy anti reality. It is the most threatening term found in the American political lexicon. Often used by the political left to describe our form of govrnment it is called... Democracy.

The term democracy is used not just by the political left, it is common terminology to all statist who seek to gain a majority that would allow them to {by majority vote} enforce their political and social will on an entire  society, thus negating individual rights. Democracy simply means rule by 50% plus one. Given this truth democracy should not be viewed as a system insuring liberty, but rather as a form of tyranny, the tyranny of the majority.

Our Founding Fathers understood this and therefore gave us a republic. A representative form of government that was limited by constitutional {contractual}law that protects the inalienable rights of the individual. Americans vote for their leaders who enact laws to govern society. However the Constitution stands in the way of the Congress passing laws that would violate the rights of an individual. The Bill of Rights codified restrictions on Congress and stands as the wall between our liberty and the whims of the majority. In an additional stroke of genius they gave us three branches of government, the legislative, the judicial, and the executive, designed to create and maintain a balance of power.

I have often used the term progressive collectivist to describe the modern American left.. The use of this term is appropriate because they are the strongest arbiters of American Democracy. They stand on the belief that the majority should rule, which is to say they would have little to no problem trampling on the rights of 49.99% of the people that disagreed with their beliefs or agenda. Put another way progressive collectivists are by far more intolerant of views that do not align with their world view.

One of the most vivid examples of a person who holds that Democracy is the ideal is our Impostor in Chief, President Barrack Hussein Obama. For a closer look into the mind of the man we elected leader of our Republic I recommend an article in yesterday's The Washington Post.

The reason the progressive collectivist are doing all they can to marginalize the Tea Party movement and Tea Party candidates {who value liberty} is because being the elite statist Democracy worshiping tyrants they are they see their cherished agenda perhaps slipping away. In other words it is the power to decide for all that they crave. Is it any wonder they want to do away with the Electoral College and replace it with simple majority vote. The Electoral College was another stroke of genius on the part of the Founders. The progressive collectivists see the realization of their dream at hand through Obama's presidency and his dismantling of our American system piece by piece. They believe they can accomplish their vision of a total progressive collectivist  state through pure democracy.

This is precisely why individuals that desire liberty must flip the Congress and Senate in 2010. And we must galvanize to defeat the current occupant of the White House in 2012. The Tea Party candidates, independent conservatives, and independent mined lawmakers such as Ron Paul offer our best hope for the future.

For additional reading see: Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, John Stewart Mills Essay on Liberty, Judicial Tyranny was Foreseen by Thomas Jefferson, and The Abuse of Power.

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  1. Being a person who believes in a theocracy and not a democracy, I found this article particularly interesting. Thanks for writing it, Les!

    In the Greek, we get democracy as a word. Originally it was the combination of 'demos' and 'kratos', meaning "people" and "power", respectively.

    Not for nothing, but history has shown us that men simply cannot govern themselves. Eventually they will fall prey to abuses of power and corruption. It's just in our DNA to be this way.

    Les, I know you love this country. I know of your patriotism and beliefs in our Founders. I know a great many of your readers believe like you do, and rightly so. America is indeed a unique and awesome Nation, to be sure. She has gotten off-track, lately, but...she is still an amazing country.

    Being a person who believes in a theocracy has allowed me to look at our plight as a Nation from outside of the box, so to speak. I have eschewed politics as a whole, save for the moments I come here to comment or simply read-up on relevant issues that can hold my attention. (What can I say? I like Les and the contributors here! So sue me! LOL!) I can honestly say I have "no dog in this fight" between the common-sense rational Constitution abiding conservatives (such as represented here) and the liberal progressive hateful racist America-haters. (I just calls it likes I sees it, boss.)

    Democracy will fail. It will. Men cannot rule over themselves justly or rightly. We cannot. Our Founders, while indeed men of wisdom and foresight, could have had no clue that their ideals would have been trampled upon and ravaged by the America-haters some 234 years later. It's a shame, really. And I do not say that flippantly or casually. America really does have a great governmental foundation, totally unique in this world. No country is like America.

    But the Founders made one mistake, and I do not say this hatefully or with malice: They believed in the goodness and honor of men. They simply did not realize that as time passed, men (and women), would become more and more irrational and shameful. And whiny. *cough* Liberals!

    Looking at The US Constitution, (and I have many times), it is easily the best document to govern a nation, hands down. Unfortunately, America has become a Nation that refuses to be "governed" as our Founders understood the word. We have become a Nation that needs to be coddled and nurtured and given everything. *cough* Liberals!

    Obviously that is a blanket-statement on my part. Not EVERYONE in America is weak and helpless. Of course not. But democracy has enabled the ruling elite to make our citizens into mindless and helpless cows. (I would say 'sheep', but sheep can be led. Cows need to be 'driven'. Big difference.)

    I cannot endorse 'democracy', but I definitely enjoy and appreciate the efforts of Les and others who have stood fast and unrelenting in their pursuit of taking America back to a better mindset. Seriously, I do. (Just because I'm not on this football team doesn't mean I don't care about you winning.)

    Best wishes to you, Les, and to your fighters. November is literally right around the corner. I shall indeed be watching it with great interest to see if you folks can change the course of this Nation for the better. (I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't rooting for you.)

    Always watching and reading,
    Donald Borsch Jr.
    Bethel, CT

  2. Don - While you and I share different views on a few things we share the same love of America and it's founding principles which were bases in logic, reason, objectivity, and a love of liberty.

    Sadly the modern progressive collectivist intellectual elitist class is bent on destroying that which is good and replacing it with the evil known as altruism.

    This nation and it's FOUNDING PRINCIPALS are worth fighting for. And I shall do so untill I take m+y last breath.

    I quote what you said here...

    "Democracy will fail. It will. Men cannot rule over themselves justly or rightly. We cannot. Our Founders, while indeed men of wisdom and foresight, could have had no clue that their ideals would have been trampled upon and ravaged by the America-haters some 234 years later. It's a shame, really. And I do not say that flippantly or casually. America really does have a great governmental foundation, totally unique in this world. No country is like America."

    You are right America is indeed exceptional and it worth fighting for. We will prevail nd our founding fathers will ultimately be proud of our generation.

    The progressive collectivists will ultimately lose simply because they are anti life and liberty.


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