Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Benefits of (or not) the First Post Racial President

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

This video says it all in and of itself. The man hailed as the first "post racial" President has just proven the adherents of that description grossly incorrect.

Hang on America. The first "post racial" President is prepared to take America on a "racial" ride. So much for reason and objective rationality. The "One" has apparently decided to play the race card himself. Welcome to the "good ole boys network" of race baiter's such as Al Sharpton (anybody know what church he is actually a reverend of), and the Reverend Jesse (the opportunist) Jackson.

h/t Left Cost Rebel


  1. UPDATE:
    Thursday 14 Oct 2010...Obama asks and his Democrat-plantation slaves answer. Post racial America, indeed.


    BOWIE, Md. – On the corner of Collington Road and Route 301, a bright blue poster screams the Democratic Party's wishful thinking at passing cars: "We've got your back President Obama."

    The poster, not quite big enough to qualify as a billboard, reflects an unspoken bargain between Obama and black voters: He asks, they deliver.

    Last week, Obama asked.

    Donald Borsch Jr.
    Behel, CT

  2. Because Noooooooo Tea Bagger has every mentioned Obama's "race". Because Sean Hannity hasn't nightly mentioned Obama's "race", Because R. Limpaugh hasn't daily mentioned Obama's "race".

    Conservatives just can not look past skin color and judge President Obama merely on his socialist agenda!

  3. GG - Conservatives have looked at his (and you said it socialist agenda)and found it to be juyst what it is a failure.

    Selective hearing (and ear muffs when required)work just fine for you I see.

    Have a day now ya hear?

  4. GG,

    Because nooooo white Conservative has ever publicly asked their white followers to be sure to come out and vote for them.

    GG. You have failed. Next.

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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