Sunday, October 24, 2010

Andrew Cuomo... Is He the Man for the Job?

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Andrew Cuomo is part of the problem. He is part of the established progressive collectivist element in New York state politics and governance (state legislature) that has continually perpetuated the states fiscal woes. Of course the lion's share of the problem lies with the ultra liberal New York city crowd. If that sounds oh so not politically correct so be it. Ban me from he blogosphere. It is something that is likely coming soon anyway.

As I do not live in New York state (any longer) I question why I even bother to post on a race that doesn't directly affect my life. Being the introspective person I am it is a fair question to ask myself. In my final analysis I decided that as bad as one may believe Paladino is Cuomo is not the solution. As an entrenched member of the democratic  establishment he will only continue the practices of former progressive governors and the progressive New York state legislators.

Perhaps I am biased by the realities I saw when his father Mario Cuomo  was governor of the state and I lived there. Or perhaps it is the influence of some of my wife's family who still lives in New York state. Or perhaps it is that my understanding of the modern liberal (progressive collectivist) ideology leads me to believe  that the election of Cuomo to the governorship is simply a mistake and and sure road to more of the same. The same fiscal and financial irresponsibility so prevalent in this large and influential state.

As New York state is the third largest state in the union, and home to the nation's financial markets it's future may very well be that of the nation's at large. For those residents of New York who are proponents of limited government, fiscal restraint and responsibility, and individual liberties as set forth in our founding documents please think deeply before casting a vote for Andrew Cuomo. Remember from whence Franklin Delano Roosevelt hailed.

As bad as Paladino may seem to some I leave you with this quote from Buffalo 
And, as much as we believe Paladino would be an unfit governor, it is fair to say that he has accomplished many good things for Western New Yorkers over the years, from restoring old buildings to leading the charge that finally eliminated the tolls on the Niagara Thruway.
But he has done more than that. Exposing the depth of New Yorkers' anger about Albany is the true favor Paladino has done for taxpayers...
 Admittedly the article in full is making the case for Cuomo. But that I suppose is the result of a narrow and myopic viewpoint. Or the influence of a progressive mindset within the Nw York media establishment.

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