Saturday, September 25, 2010

The US Constitution and the Law

Every citizen should read and understand The US Constitution.  On-Line resources make it easy  

This brilliant document was an example of pure, crystal clarity until, alas, the lawyers and activist jurists got ahold of it. It is now accreted with so much case law and wild twists and turns that many plainly-written articles have been shorn of their original intent.

What US Law Says about the US Constitution

Two web sites provide excellent, authoritative guidance, with searchable text and links to the different articles and amendments. The most valuable feature is the rich commentary on case law that includes scholarly writings on the meaning and interpretations of each section.

You may not agree with where our judges have taken us, but these sites explain how it happened, citing specific court cases.

Findlaw - US Constitution
Cornell Law School - US Constitution

Want more background? Read The Federalist Papers!

I know, they are hard to read for the average layman. I have read various different parts, and it's not easy.

Here's a solution. Go to Founding and click The Federalist Papers link. There you will find a searchable on-line version with a handy index that annotates each paper so you know what it is about.

More Founding Fathers Resources

Vindicating the Founders - Excellent resource from the Claremont Institute defending the founders from scurrilous lefty charges.  Slavery, Women, property ownership...  it's all discussed a placed in context.

Restore The Tenth - The Tenth Amendment Coalition


  1. You forgot to add The Anti Federalist Papers....

    The constitution and the vision that the Founding Fathers had for this country were developed from both the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers...

  2. Very true. A wise co-worker recommends that the two documents be read together.

  3. A reading of the Anti Federalist Papers is as essential to a complete understanding of our nations "political heritage" if you will as a Reading of The Federalist Papers.

    Both are a must for those desiring a full understanding of the great thinkers of America's 18th century.

    Question... Which of these great documents would the Tea Party be most closely aligned with?

  4. Good Question. The tea party would lean towards the the Anti-Federalists. The Bill of Rights is what got the Anti-Federalists on board, but the almost de facto nullification of the 9th and 10 Amendments is the source of today's troubles.


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