Friday, September 3, 2010

Robert Stacy McCain Meets Todd Palin

by the Left Coast Rebel

(Ed's note: This article does not imply that I am the biggest fan of Palin, which I am not, I am pointing to my friend Robert Stacy McCain's chance to talk to Mrs. Palin's husband, Todd Palin)

Robert Stacy McCain was on the Shoe Leather Fund trail concerning the Miller/Murkowski race recently, hoping to issue a cutting edgre report on the record-close primary race. Surprisingly, Lisa Murkowski conceded, handing the Tea Party another victory and leaving Stacy a bit shorthanded on the purpose of his visit to the Last Frontier. He then decided to make his way to Sarah Palin's Wasilla, Alaska, just to catch a sense of what the small town that bears Palin's home is like.

Knowing Stacy's skills with 'getting a gig', one should then not be surprised to learn that he was given a chance to sit down with 'First Dude', Todd Palin (picture at left).

Most of his conversation was off the record but "Meeting Mr. Palin", from the American Spectator, is a must read:

WASILLA, Alaska -- The young lady at the desk of the Dorothy Page Museum and Visitor Center has blue hair -- not the blue-silver of advanced age, but a punk-rock razor-cut style dyed cerulean blue. She is friendly and helpful to out-of-towners who stop by the Main Street museum to ask about the town's most famous resident.

Has Sarah Palin become a tourist attraction in Wasilla? "I don't know," says the blue-haired woman. "I guess a lot of people have added it to their itinerary."

Rumor is that the Palins are out of town and hope of an interview seems doomed to disappointment. Then my cell phone rings. "This is Todd Palin," says the man on the phone. We chat briefly about the recent GOP primary victory of Joe Miller. I explain that I've driven 50 miles from Anchorage to Wasilla just to get a sense of the town where Sarah began her political career as a city council member and mayor. Todd then tells me that although his wife is out town, he's still in Wasilla and …

Way to go, Robert Stacy McCain! Read the rest here.

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