Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Post Labor Day Blues

By Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Perhaps it's the realization of the pending return to work tomorrow. Or possibly it is the stresses created by a passion for political blogging. Or maybe it is just that I had to much to eat (and drink) this long Labor Day weekend. Of course there is the distinct likelihood age plays a part in it. Especially given at 58 I still like to think and act like 35.

So I find myself in the mood for some blues. Tonight, Stevie Ray Vaughn with BB King, now there is some awesome blues!


  1. That's great. There really is little better than some good blues late at night when the house is quiet.

    It seems that the older I get, the more I like the blues. I still love the loud and fast shredfests that I've been listening to for the past 30+ years, but I can connect with blues now at a visceral level that I couldn't as a teenager.

    Maybe it's because I have more years of suffering under my belt than when I was 16...

    You should check out the videos of Gary Moore and BB King doing a couple of tunes ("The Thrill is Gone" and "Since I Met You Baby").

  2. Once again in the wee hours of 9/12/10 I find myself listening to fine jazz and... Thinking of the future that my 23 month old grandson will inherit. It frightens me for his sake.


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